Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fierce Pants Suit

Why don't you wear pants more often? It is the question I get from so many people who have time to be "all-up-in-mine." It's okay though because you will find mostly dresses, skirts and beautiful blouses and other tops in my closet. I guess I will attempt to answer that question. A. I don't wear pants more often because I simply got use to wearing skirts and dresses. B. I'll make an attempt to break the habit right now, right here, today! C. I want you to know that I reserve the RIGHT TO WEAR SKIRTS AND DRESSES and anything else I want to! D. I'd like to thank all of those inquiring minds for giving me an excuse to shop! (For Real!) This Brown pants suit available at Banana Republic is pictured here and consist of a Monogrammed 3/4 sleeve blazer, a halter vest, and Monogram textured Wide-Legged Pants. I think I can rock that. Maybe I'll get some jeans from 7 For All Man Kind.

"When you get into a tight place and everything goes against you, till it seems as if you could not hold on a minute longer, never give up then, for that’s just the place and time that the tide’ll turn." ---Harriet Beecher Stowe Lovin Life, truthis

My Friend

A friend of mine is wonderful, knee-slappin funny, cares deeply about animals, cares about other people, will tell you the truth in a moment and is artful in delivering her opinion, isn't stuffy but she's inspirational, doesn't hold back either. I could go on and on describing this person to you simply because this person has been a God Send to me. Oh, I am a better person for this person. I wake up now and I am truly happy, just being who I am. I see the world much differently now, everything and I mean everything has life in it. This person help me to SEE....Life will always bring me happiness, and peace and joy and success if I am will to work towards it. This person also saw me through a time in my life when I did not wish to live because of all the truly unspeakable horrible know "the stuff that had happened to me." This person helped me to SEE for the 1st time in my life. When I truly had my AHA Moment! I laughed, cried, Praised the Lord and then Praise the Lord some more because I had learned in that MOMENT that if I WAS PRESENT JUST FOR THIS MOMENT(THIS MOMENT RIGHT HERE).......EVERY MOMENT AFTER THAT MOMENT.......WOULD BE A HAPPY MOMENT. The DECISION to be happy, or whatever was always mine. I hope that you all have many friends like my friend in life. One that is INSPIRED and doesn't mind being INSPIRED. This person is the reason why I sign all my posts "Lovin Life." I SPEAK YOUR NAME, LEXIE, INC.---MAY ALL OF YOUR MOMENTS BE AS BRIGHT AS THIS MOMENT. MAY YOU CONTINUE TO BE ENLIGHTENED, BRILLIANT, MAGNIFICENT, EXTRAORDINARY, INGENIOUS AND INTELLIGENT.

Lovin Life, truthis

Funky Y-2-C!!!

Maybe I might be the only person left on the planet that still likes a great graphic t-shirt that has some clever words or a cute design on it. I mean I absolutely fell head-over-heels in love with "It's Happy Bunny" when I first saw it on the mint cans (maybe because somewhere deep down I KNOW I'm a smarta**). Honestly, I feel that if you can't loosen up every once in a while then maybe you should go get an enema. The world is too serious with a possible recession, LA fashion week, etc. Go ahead and take at stab at the up-coming election, express your love for that sweet rock song, feeling liberated about you're recent break-up (I mean after all, you did just give a kid with no childbirth) celebrate it. And it gets even better because you can spread that joy onto your cute little dog too. Besides, no one likes a kill-joy that kills the butterflies.

Want a shirt:

ANNUNCIATE!!!! (For Goodness Sake)

I was shopping earlier today and I asked the clerk for a particular item. But while I was patiently waiting for her return there was a woman behind me that said "I wonder if they carry Dul-say and Ga-banna in this store" (Dolce and Gabbana). Mind you, this isn't the first time I have heard this in stores and it drives me freaking nuts (whew, I feel so much better now). Word of advice ladies (and men) if you have decided to purchase ANYthing from a designer learn how to pronounce the designer's name. Maybe this is because my mother was hard on me when I was younger about how I pronounce different words. But, if you aren't into the label thing (yea, right) then don't worry about it, you're excused. If you wish to be taken seriously in the fashion world, consumer or designer, do yourself a favor and at least sound like you know what you are talking about. For those that innocently have trouble and wish to correct it there is a website and a book that can correct these issues. The Budget Fashionista happens to have a full list of designers, A-Z, and takes you through each name, syllable by syllable so at least you look and sound like (don't worry, I'll keep your secret) you know something about the fashion world. So go to Neiman's or Bergdorf and demand that cute Balenciaga dress properly so the clerk doesn't look at you like you contaminated.

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