Thursday, October 2, 2008


Chanel Collection for Spring 2009 are classic, innovative, and up-to-date. I would say Chanel did it again, but then we all knew the line never disappoints. Luv the use of the two-toned hosiery and the hanging jewelry that is used to accent the pieces.

Spring 2009

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Favorites Of The Day

Yves Saint Laurent's got a French Manicure Kit that's not a moment to late. It's convenient, it's quick, it' easy...well you get the picture!

Yves Saint Laurent
French Manicure Kit
Available at Barney's

When I saw this necklace I did one of those short breaths that you do when you see anything that takes your breath away. It's a 18kt yellow gold and brown diamond necklace. Total carat weight 1,44.

Shells Necklace
Available at Tous

This blouse is kind of deceptive because when you look at it on a mannequin you think, "I'll Pass." But closer examination, and a try on makes you glad that you gave this little blouse a second look!

Castellum Top
Available at Anthropologie

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