Friday, July 11, 2008

Some Of My Favorite Couture Outer Wear Looks For Fall 2008

I was thinking about who had designed the best looks for this fall and I really couldn't make up my mind exactly who. So then I started to ponder who it was that gave me the best looks and I decided to put them all together. You know what I still can't decide. I would say that they are equally talented but then that would be like someone giving me an onion when I specifically asked for an orange. Needless to say it was a futile effort a on my behalf. But I do know what I like, so here it goes: my likes for the Fall 2008 Couture Season.

This is none other than Karl Lagerfeld for Channel---Fall Couture 2008

A little bit of Fantasy from Christian Dior's Fall Couture Collection 2008

From Anne Valerie Hash's Fall Couture Collection 2008

From Jean Paul Gaultier's Fall Couture Collection 2008

Armani Prive Fall Couture Collection 2008

From Givenchy's Fall Couture Collection 2008

See all this to choose from. Can you decide? I'll just agree to respectfully decline to say who exactly is the best. I will however say that they keep getting better with time.

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Why Yoanna? WHY?!?!

It's a widely known factor that America's Next Top Model winners sometimes struggle to find work. And Yoanna House's new project is nothing to squeal about. {I'm even beginning to wonder if this show is executively produced by Ms. Tyra} She takes the time from her ever busy modeling schedule to reform seven mean girls in to sugar sweet honey. In the reality series Queen Bees, premiering on the N-Network, Yoanna teams up with the Tyra Show's Dr. Michelle to see which mean girl can change the most to win the 25k jackpot that awaits the winner. Hmmm, rewarding spoiled brats for changing their ways.... Did we mention that they are teenagers? Good luck in getting them to stay sweet like honey. However, We would like to tackle the former Top Model winner on her looks in the above photo? Whats going on there? Her hair looks terrible and she's looking well into her fifties... Mos def not a good look. Watch the clip below and check the show out when it premiers tonight at 9pm on the N Network.

WTF?!?! Of The Day: J. Hudson

I've been wearing glasses for about 6 years now. I've finally got accustomed to them as of late due to some funky Prada frames. However, today I questioned my vision again. Do you think that this cover properly reflects Jennifer Hudson? We've all heard of digital beauty and how it's beginning to get more apparent, but J Hud seems to have undergone the new digital diet. Reader's let me know whats on your minds...


In keeping with our all-out push to bring you Autumn/Winter '08 Styles I just couldn't let this talent go by. Most of you have seen his work before, however his Autumn/Winter '08 Collection is truly a knockout. I didn't know where to start in bringing you this particular post because Nickolas Kirkwood is just that good. Very rarely does any designer, except the well establish ones, get me to just stop and pay attention. Needless to say, Kirkwood had my full attention, and this collection is one of his strongest yet.

See, that's what I'm talking about! Give me something to dream about at night! One of the most creative collections I've seen yet! (I can't wait until his next collection---each one is better than the previous one!)

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