Tuesday, June 24, 2008

So Good You Can Eat It

Late last fall, Lousia Guinness commissioned artist Marc Quinn {as well as Anish Kapoor, Tim Noble and Sue Webster} to scale down their typical avant garde art into wearable pieces, such as jewelery.

Quinn's, and the other artists, pieces were featured in the May 2008 issue of British Vogue. Guinness says, "The challenge for them is to create something small enough to be sculpture, and then small enough to be worn."

Guinn, who decided to create a small strawberry and sprinkle it with frost to make it look as if it were frozen. The pendant comes in a polished 18k gold edition and a white gold edition. Each pendant is a collectors edition {collectively, only 20 necklaces were made}

If you happen to be in London anytime soon, the collections are on display at Browns Art Gallery on Cork St. and you can visit Lousia Guinness gallery here.

The White Gold Edition of Guinn's Frosted Strawberry

On The Campaign Trail: Givenchy & JT

**Image from the upcoming campaign (all images courtesy of Givenchy)

Rumors first broke last December of JT possibly signing a deal to be the face of a new Givenchy Perfume. And in February it was officially confirmed that he was most definitely the new face of Givenchy cologne. The new campaign features three different ads of Justin looking quite sexy if I might add. I can't wait to bring you all more images from the perfumes premiere as they become available.

Douglas Hannant

Douglas Hannant designs clothes that women want PERIOD. FINALLY! There is someone who just knows instinctively and intuitively, exactly what I like to wear. I have never seen a designer be so absolutely clear cut and accurate when it comes to what I want to wear. I feel like I can let out a collective sigh for all womankind! His designs say Sexy, Sophisticated, Laid Back, Modern, Romantic without skipping a beat on style! His clothes remind me of vintage CoCo Chanel, and Bill Blass, Valentino with a twist that's all his. You know clothes that were and are MADE. He is the one to watch for sure. Simply put, Hannant knows how to dress a woman!

Douglas Hannant, a native of Illinois, relocated to New York City in 1988 after having earned a Fine Arts degree from Missouri State University. His education continued at the Fashion Institute of Technology where his inherent design talent and affinity for luxury quickly became apparent. After graduating from FIT, he had several stints in visual display before launching his first collection in the fall of 1996.

I SMELL A CFDA AWARD SO STRONGLY IT STINKS. (In a good way of course) As a matter of fact you get The F*Word Award for Outstanding Style In Women's Clothing, period, handsdown, and NOBODY can ever take that away from you Mr. Hannant.

His Fall 2008 and his Resort 2009 Collections have yielded some of his best work yet. (Although his previous Collections are equally as beautiful).
Have a look at Douglas Hannant's work, we think you'll like them as well as we do. And to you Mr. Hannant, Thankyou for understanding what a Woman Wants!!!

Douglas Hannant at the Spring 2008 Ready To Wear Show

Resort 2009

This man is gonna make me cry! He knows me! He really knows me!

From The Fall 2008 Collection

Simply Beautiful!!!

Too, much class, too much style. Did I tell you I like Mr. Hannant? Finally the man of my dreams. The man I am not ashamed to say: "I'd let him dress me any day!" Forget Modesty.

"We tend to forget that happiness doesn't come as a result of getting something we don't have, but rather of recognizing and appreciating what we do have."--- Frederick Keonig

Lovin Life, Truth Is

Jackets For All @ Bottega

At Bottega Veneta, Tomas Maier chose the jacket as the star of the show for Spring/Summer 2009. Which lets me know that menswear next spring will be nice, easy and lax {when relax meets chill} with fabrics that were unstructured, loose and comfortable bursting forward with cool cottons, crisp hues and a laidback sense of style.The silhouettes also appeared to be a homage to the late Yves Saint Laurent and his vision of Parisian masculinity: wide-shouldered, double-breasted jackets paired with roomy white cotton trousers kept the look neat yet comfortable.

"We arrived at this collection by thinking quite literally about a day in the life of a contemporary man," says Maier.

**Images courtesy of Mens Style.com