Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bags Of The Week

This weeks bags are as different as night and day. You'll still find them fun, luxurious, and we even hear the availability of one of these bags started a cat-fight! We'll let you guess which one!

Gipsy Ruffled Medium Hobo

Corcovado Turnlock Tote
Emerald Goat
When the first Corcovado Large Tote sample hit the Hayden-Harnett design office, all the girls fought over it...it's that good.
Available at: Hayden-Harnett

Julia Cocco'
Invisibile - PVC and Black Leather Hobo Bag
Fall Collection 2008
Available at: Forzieri

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Lovin Life, Truth Is

A Few Good Reads

Here are a few good reads we want to keep you posted on:

Bill Gibb: Fashion and Fantasy
By Iain R Webb (Author), Twiggy (Foreword)
This title will be released on October 8, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent: Style
To be released on September 10, 2008

Vogue Fashion: Over 100 years of Style by Decade and Designer, in association with Vogue
By Linda Watson (Author)
This title has not yet been released.
All of the above titles are available at Amazon.com
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Lovin Life, Truth Is