Friday, July 3, 2009

Favorites Of The Day

Slick, clean lines, lovely lenses. Many other adjectives come to mind. I will say that this is one well made pair of glasses!

AM Eyewear
"Miss Parker Sunglasses in Tortieshell"
Available at BunnyHug.Co.Uk

Think we found it? A totally casual, laid back approach to the jumpsuit with a whimsical top.

Society For Rational Dress
"Belt Jumper In Brown"
Available at Rare Chic

I said: the sleekest, sexiest, most sophisticated,.....get the picture. In fact I think I'm going to charge a fee just to let my girlfriends look at these!

Christian Louboutin
"Stretch Platform OTK Boot"
Available at Neiman Marcus

"A great mentor is one who aims for others abilities to surpass his own."---Unknown

Lovin Life, Truth Is