Monday, June 8, 2009

Favorites Of The Day

What a knock-out this little dress is. Bold neck-line, maxi hem line. This dress has really got it going on.

Park Vogel
"Mou Mou"
Available at Park Vogel

Oh my! You'll just have to go to their website to see what I mean when I tell you they have a kick-a** selection. There were so many shoes that I could have put up here. This shoe is representative of the selection you'll have though. Just something that is definitely in a class of it's own and a welcome break from all the familiar shoe designers.

Lori Blu
"Jewel Sandal 235"
Available at Lori Blu

I know, I know. This bag looks like a Birkin Bag. I am not about to get into that with you. I AM HOWEVER, going to tell you that this bag is 50%, that's right I said 50% off. Now if I were you, I'd go on over to Editor's Closet and pick up one. Heck two if you can afford it! Cause odds are you'll never see this grade of bag for this much off again!

Marcela Calvet
"Petite Honore"
Available at Marcela Calvet and Editor's Closet

"What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us."---Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lovin Life, Truth Is

Sergio Rossi Makes Biodegradeable Footwear

In correlation with Yann Arthus Bertrand’s film about the state of the environment, Italian shoe designer Sergio Rossi is releasing a pair of eco high heels.

The Rossi shoes are made of recycled leather, uses vegetable dyes for color, and eco-friendly packaging.

More than that, both the packaging and the shoe are entirely biodegradable. The Sergio Rossi shoes became available in select stores June 5th.

"There is nothing like a dream to create the future."---Victor Hugo

Lovin Life, Truth Is