Tuesday, May 13, 2008


While I was shopping at Brown's yesterday I saw some T-Shirt's that were rather unusual and kind of cute. Talkin' about "all things different." So here's unusual and a cartoon all mixed up in one piece just for you. Enjoy!

Comic book t-shirt
Multi coloured comic book t-shirt. Round neck. The comic book strip covers the t-shirt. Short sleeves. The hemline sits on the hips

Available at Browns, Balenciaga,

T-shirt with appliqué sleeves
White t-shirt with appliqué sleeves. A frill sits on the wide-open neckline. White pleated appliqué cotton sits on the short sleeves.

Available at: Browns, Fendi

complex geometriessquare hood tee
easy short sleeve white cotton tee with an unexpected seamed hood at the back. wide drape and crew neckline.100% cotton
Available at: Oak

" Wherever you decide to open your heart, I hope you'll be met in kind."--- Kathlin L. Panteah
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Diesel's Denim Gallery Gets A New Addition

Next week kicks off the 2008 New York Design week and Diesel in collaboration with Dutch design firm Moooi and Jaime Hayon {a Spanish artist} are presenting an exhibit called ARROJADOA, which is the Spanish translation for the word audacious but can also be referenced to a cactus that's identifiable by its vertical stacked elements. The installation focuses on totem sculptures composed with specific functions, like stools, tables, mirrors, and trays. Each element is made of different colors, materials, and finishes.

Renzo Rosso, president and founder of Diesel says, "At the Diesel Denim Gallery we look to support art that makes you think. Whether the art it is explosive, controversial, or inspiring Diesel holds no boundaries when collaborating with artists." Sebastien Agneessens, curator at the Diesel Denim Gallery store says, "Working together with Diesel, Moooi, Jaime Hayon and publisher Die Gestalten Verlag is more than a privilege, it is a unique chance. This international creative quartet tirelessly showcases design to our amused eyes, sharing with us their playful, sometimes ironic vision of the world and fostering inspired collaborations."

The NYC installation will open to the public on May 19th, from 7pm-9pm and will coincide with the release of Jaime Hayon Works, the first monograph of the artist, to be released by Berlin-based publisher Die Gestalten Verlag.

Interesting Tid-Bits:
Jaime Hayon, a true rising star in the international creative scene, embodies a new type of creative Renaissance man who can use his unique stylistic language across various areas of media with his interdisciplinary approach and extraordinary talent. Born in Madrid in 1974, Hayon was trained as an industrial designer and worked as a researcher in Fabrica, Benetton's communication group. In 2004 he started his career and has kept his hands full of eclectic projects. Being a multi-faceted creator, Jaime's work has developed in various areas: from curatorial roles, to those of an artist, to that of a designer.

Moooi leads in the understanding of culture, human needs and technology by creating the most successful and innovative designs through collaborations with international artists and designers such as Ross Lovegrove, Front, Studio Job and Jasper Morrison.

The Diesel Denim Gallery (DDG) is a concept store positioned between retail spaces and art galleries. Located in New York (68 Greene Street) and Tokyo, DDG links contemporary art to the DDG collection. The collection consists of limited-edition wearable works of art. Diesel also continues to support the arts worldwide through its Diesel Wall project, an art competition dedicated to you
ng artists and designers in which their original work is presented on monumental, freestanding vertical walls in the center of the world's most important cities.

Google To Launch Friend Connect

Google announced they will launch Friend Connect, an exciting new service that will allow any site to be turned into a social network, absolutely free. Essentially, it will turn the internet one huge, universal social profile.
Google wanted to tap into the hundreds of million of people using social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace, but instead of launching a competing site, they launched the service which turns the internet itself into one humongous social networking platform which can be used by anyone, free of charge.
“Using Google’s new Friend Connect product, any Web page, whether it is devoted to curling or pizza or a folk singer, can allow visitors to make and connect with other ‘friends’ who visit that site,” the Washington Post explains. “Like any major social network today, any Web page using Friend Connect could easily present to each user the names and pictures of friends and potential friends. Those people could then post messages to one another.”
This could change everything, and Google loves that about it.
“We’re in the middle of a huge change,” says David Glazer, an engineering director working on Google Friend Connect. “Wherever people go on the Web, they want to have their friends with them, and this makes it possible.”

" Every day is a new day of learning. We can excel and exceed our own standards by consistently upgrading our outlook & attitude towards those around us. Our position, our power, our status... nothing is permanent. What will remain in fond memories of those around us is not the altitude of our achievements, but our attitude, acts of kindness, and consideration towards others."--- CV Varghese

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Vintage Clothes

Going Vintage Clothes Shopping? You might want to check out Chelsea Girl and if you're in New York go by and visit them. They carry an eclectic array of vintage clothing and accessories spanning the 1920’s through the 1970’s. Owner Elisa Casas’ criteria when individually choosing each piece? Anything gorgeous, unusual, whimsical or classic. And our vintage handbag collection is sensational...the best in town! This brown 1970’s Pucci Silk Dress, Unusual Pucci color combination looks great with leggings or over jeans. (lower right) Or you can check out this 1970’s Sonia Rykiel “Black” Dress (we know it's solid brown but she named the dress black, K?) This outrageous dress is a true collectors item for any Sonia lover! (upper left) You probably won't see everyone and their cousin walking around with your clothes on because nine times out of ten she probably has just one!

Their NEW shop, Chelsea Girl Couture, features a distinctive collection of exceptional vintage pieces. We offer designers including Pucci, Missoni, Ossie Clark, Gucci, Thea Porter, Zandra Rhodes, and Yves St. Laurent.
"The greatest pleasure in life is doing what people say you cannot do."---Anonymous
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What's In It For Me?

As the weeks go by, more and more issues arise in the fashion industry. There was much a do about the recent issue of Italian Vogue dedicating one whole issue to Black beauty, a lot of people said that it emphasized racism even more by putting out the special issue. And as of late, considering that majority of the runways are seeming more whitewashed than blended quite a few people of color are beginning to take notice. It was also an issue that Diddy mentioned in his documentary If I Were King and some might even wonder, What's in it for me?

Well for those that ask that question, Colures Magazine is based in London and they happen to focus on the best trends and styles showcased for people with an ethnic background. What makes this magazine stand out from the rest is that they don't just focus on the "black issues" or the "white issues" but more as a whole they focus on the issues that effect our society as a whole.

From The Home Front: Revive Boutique

The mid-west has always been highly understated in my book. And considering I'm from Michigan, I think that we produce some of the best talent. We had the Motown Sound from Detroit, Gillian Anderson and Tim Allen, President Gerald Ford... Ohh and before she moved to the UK we gave birth to Madonna and her 4 minutes. And while Detroit Fashion Week doesn't have Zac Posen or Diane von Furstenberg we do have some of the best street and urban style around. If you're into the club scene here you will instantly know that a night out on the town in the D is most definitely a fashion show. You either do it B.I.G. or you go home.

And all of this is why I want to bring Revive to your attention. It's a nice little boutique nestled in Birmingham. They specialize in some of the best funky fresh kicks and street wear around. This store is strictly for the innovators. The store was originally founded in 2006 by business partners Aaron Cohen and Darvon Mcghee. Cohen who did a stint at FIT had once envisioned the store being an upper class boutique selling Hermes and Gucci, but later turned the store around and went in a different direction by showcasing some of his own sneakers and from there, the dream was born. Presently the shop is booming with business from youngsters in the area and people as far as Tokyo calling in orders for some of the rarest shoes and street wear around. Revive has taken the game to the next level and introduced the world how fly the midwest and Detroit can still be. With them carrying brands such as Claw Money, Premium Label, The Hundreds Married To The Mob, etc. I see Cohen setting trends for a long time to come.

**You can stay updated with whats due to come in the shop by calling or dripping by their blog.

**Photos from Revive Blog

Gossip Girl: Women On The Verge

**Image courtesy of CW Television

As we rejoin the Upper East Side we catch Dan still desperately seeking Serena and Rufus preparing for a performance at the Rolling Stones "Top Ten Forgotten Bands of the 90's" concert. We catch Georgina, or Sarah, continuously calling Serena back to back but to our surprise, our favorite blond is no where to be found. Serena isn't answering Dan's calls or anyone else's. Then we see Nate at Vanessa's job as she prepares to go help out Rufus, Dan's father, for his performance, when she blatantly ask Nate when he will ask her out on a date. Just as Nate gets ready to pop the question, he's interrupted with a phone call. Then we catch Dan outside of the Plaza hotel debating on what he should do about Serena when Georgina walks up. Shocked to see her there, Georgina quickly tells him that she has an old friend that's staying there. And in the middle of their conversation, Dan gets a phone call from Serena's phone, however, it's not here. Its the bartender calling saying that she left her phone there last night before she left with three guys and that his number was the first one on speed dial. Then a few moments later we catch Dan inside talking to Chuck asking about her where abouts because she didn't come home last night when Chuck gets a phone call from a mysterious caller. {If you keeping count, this is two mysterious calls now}.

When we catch up with everyone again, we see Nate and Chuck in what seems to be an uncomfortable elevator ride up to Blair's apartment in which her maid tells them to wait right there for Blair and that she is on her way. When Blair arrives, she tells the boys that she is going to need their help and we pan over to the elevator to see a drunken Serena on the floor of the elevator looking dazed and near death. Nate and Chuck help Blair get her out of the elevator and upstairs to get Serena cleaned up. Then we catch up with Dan who arrives at Lily's door step trying to figure out what the big secret is and where is Serena when Lily tells him that Chuck just left to go pick her up from Blair's. Then we head back over to Blair's when Dan arrives and is looking for Serena while everyone is madly trying to keep him away from her, as to protect the both of them. When Serena hears the commotion she comes down the stairs and talks to Dan, she tells him that she went out last night and had slept with someone else. Then Dan, looking devastated says that he is done and leaves. After he leaves, Blair, Chuck and Nate ask Serena did she actually cheat on him and she confesses that she didn't but she'd rather lie to him that tell him the truth. The three beg Serena to tell them what is going on.

As They all sit in Blair's living room, Serena begins to tell the story and Lily begins to feverishly look for what Serena is hiding in her bedroom. Serena begins to tell them about what she's been hiding. It all goes back to the night of a friends wedding. Serena retells the story line as it intertwines with the night that Serena and Nate slept together. Serena says, "She felt so guilty about sleeping with Nate that she immediately left and since she had to made plans to meet with Georgina, that she hurried to get there." Serena also tells that she didn't know that Georgina was videotaping her in the form of a sex tape. When Serena arrived at the hotel room, She crawled into bed and sat upset about what she had did with Nate while Georgina tried to convince her to make a move on the guy in the room. Serena just wasn't up for the task so she told the guy to do some lines of coke so that maybe she could loosen up and in the process of him doing the line, he suffered from an overdose. Serena wanted to call the police and an ambulance but Georgina told her not to. So the both of them grabbed their things and got out of the hotel. Serena said she watch from across the street to make sure everything was ok, when she saw them bring out a body bag from the hotel. And that Georgina had the whole thing on tape and this is what she has been blackmailing her with. Serena also told the bunch that this is why Georgina came back, but at first she said that she wanted to be friends and now she has befriended Vanessa and Dan and that she calls herself Sarah when she is with them.

Meanwhile, Lily had only gotten halfway through the tape before she turned it off. But we rejoin Lily at her dinner rehearsal when she informs Serena that she thought that she had changed but she would be sending her away to boarding school again. Blair shortly interjects afterward and tells Lily that Serena is in a lot of pain and harboring a big secret. Lily decides to cut out of her dinner early to help Serena. We then see Nate, Blair and Chuck still at the rehearsal dinner when Nate gets a call from Vanessa saying that she, Dan and Sarah are at the concert waiting on him. Then Nate makes the connection and fills Vanessa in as much as he can about Sarah/ Georgina's true identity. After Nate hangs up from Vanessa, he goes to tell Blair and Chuck and they all decide that they will go to the concert to confront her. Meanwhile, Vanessa has already decided confront Georgina about her lies and realizing that she was somewhat busted, she rushed off to think of another lie.

Later we rejoin Lily taking Serena to the Upper West Side to see where the boy that died grew up. Lily told her to go inside and talk to them. Serena of course, seemed undoubtedly squeamish, but Lily told her that she would be there every step of the way. Then we rejoin Blair, Nate and Chuck arriving at the concert to meet Vanessa. Blair and Chuck are wondering where Georgina and Dan are. We then see Georgina crying right outside of the auditorium where Dan finds her and he talks to her about whats going on. Georgina tells him that Sarah is a name she made up because she was dodging her psycho ex boyfriend {yea, right}. Dan sympathizes with her and she tells him that she has liked him since the day she met him and then Dan offers up an opportunity for them to leave the concert and talk more privately.

Then we rejoin Serena and her mother outside of the brownstone where Serena went to tell the boys parents about the incident. Then Serena asked her mother if it were possible if she could drop her off at the concert. When they get there she immediately goes to look for Dan so she can tell him everything. Meanwhile, Lily walks out to see if she can see Rufus performing. Later as Serena and Blair look for Dan, she gets a call from Dan's phone but its Georgina. She tells Serena that now she plans to make a move on Dan and leave the call connected so Serena can hear everything she says to him. Finally we end things with Rufus running off stage after his performance to try and catch Lily. Once catching up to her, Rufus kisses Lily and we somehow know that this is going to make next weeks season finale a must see.