Friday, October 24, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

Now this IS A SEXY SHOE!!! Mmmh! Mmmmh! Mmmmh! I'm just at a loss for words. I mean I was starting to get bored with the Jimmy Choo's, the Manolo's, and everybody else in the regular cast, etc. You know I was really starting to venture out. All of a sudden I see these babies. Low and behold I'm interested again!

Jimmy Choo
Grant Silk Satin Peep Toe Shoe
Available at Jimmy Choo

Really, I literally bump into this look. Then when I found it on Gilt Groupe it looked a bit more stylish!

Ruffle Detail Coat
Available At Gilt Group

Aren't these cute! I think I'll get a pair for Lexie.

Dana David
Heart Earrings
Available at Ideeli

"The only reason for time is so that everthing doesn't happen at once."---Albert Einstein

Lovin Life, Truth Is

Here We Go!!! Posh Spice On Vogue India

Because India is now the hip and happening place where so many wanna bees and Hollywood stars want to be, Posh Spice has agreed to be the cover model for this month’s issue of ‘Vogue’ India.

It really doesn’t matter that Posh is about as Indian as a bowl of borscht, she’s a style icon and can pull off any look--even that of an Indian princess. Check out her Vogue photo shoot, she’s simply stunning with extensions and a traditional Indian sari fit for royalty. She might want to consider keeping the long locks, she looks gorgeous.

"Just think: Oh yeah, we really can work together, all of us!---Author Unknown

Lovin Life, Truth Is