Monday, March 17, 2008

Want A New Wallet?

While I was busy looking in my purse this morning I noticed that I WANT A NEW WALLET. So you guessed it, I'm goin shoppin.' I looked at the wallets from Louis Vuitton and I would have to say out of all of the wallets in that line, I like the "Eugenie' Wallet" most of all. It's got twelve credit card slots, two pocket back sacth, an exterior pocket with a zipper clousure, and a transparent pocket for my license. Went over to Prada to look and see if they had anything and wouldn't you know it they had this lovely, yet very functionable "Saffiano Metal Oro Continental Wallet." Definitely a looker. This one goes on the contender list right along with the Louis Vuitton. Coming in not too distant third for consideration is a Burberry's "Haymarket Molly" wallet it's a definite maybe. So there you have it my top three choices. I'll make a decision within a week.

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Revisited: Rain, Rain, Go Away


Ok I know we all love how a nice trench coat makes us look regal and beautiful. But don't you get tired of your traditional tan & khaki colored ones. (Yea maybe its just me) Well here are some alternatives if you love to spice it up.

Custo Barcelona Trench $300 @

Carolina Herrera Flower Trench $4290 @ Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus & Bloomingdales

Coach Trench $700 @

Juicy Couture Pink Trench $348 @

Muriel $260 @

DKNY Meets Cute As A Button?

What happens when trendy urban DKNY (produced by Donna Karan) line mixes with something that's as cute as a button? You get the collabo of DKNY and Rachel Bilson. She announced on March 13th, that she will be designing a line for DKNY. Entitled Edie Rose for DKNY Jeans (after Bilson’s grandmother and a close family friend), the capsule collection features 15 sportswear separates which include T-shirts, button-down shirts, dresses, and of course, jeans. All ranging from black-and-white palette, accentuated with some California girl yellow hues. Bilson told WWD (Women's Wear Daily) that "she contacted the folks at DKNY Jeans to ask if she could design a small line for the label." And they said, "Yes." The collection will hit stores in September.

**Image courtesy of NYLON magazine.


Every spring, (or every Pre-Spring) I always see someone in a convertible with a scarf and sunglasses on. So in the interest of helping to keep that "Welcoming to Spring Ritual" alive and well we'll just take a look at some of these silk scarfs. Ode to Hermes--I mean, What more can you say? There is nothing I can say to you to convey the sheer artistry of these silk scarves. The company was founded by Frenchman Thierry Hermes in 1837. It specialized in saddles and leather goods during the first years. The Hermes scarf was introduced in the early 1930's. Since then the company has produced some of the most original, artistic, beautiful and luxurious scarfs ever seen. Their spring collection is one that won't disappoint. There are numerous websites that are dedicated to collecting and selling these scarfs. Go to the ORIGINAL HERMES and you will be sure to get an original product. That being said, another excellent choice is Gucci. Gucci has some time honored designs that are excellent. I'd wear a Gucci scarf and not just for the label either! Louis Vuitton has some beautiful designs too. Like the "Saint Tropez Scarf" pictured here. You can go over to Dakini for different ways to wear your silk scarf. They have a Cancer Cure Pouch section that I ask you to please check out while you're there.

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