Thursday, March 6, 2008

This Is Fun (Not Really)

I'll admit it, I'm having the hardest time finding some swimwear I like, which is also making me dread my impending vacation. Then I remembered one of my truly guilty pleasures "Gossip Girl." Admit it, all of you have watched that show at least once be it for the fashion or the Cruel Intentions-esque vibe. I remember in the episode "School Lies" when Blair, Serena and their henchmen broke into the school pool, Serena had on this beautiful plunge V-neck swimsuit and Blair wore a preppy red polka dot bikini; then the quest began. A few months later and a lot of research and my quest has come to an end with wonderful results (OK, I admit, I could have been done a LOT sooner). The swimsuits that Serena and Blair wore in that episode have a modern twist on the classic swimsuits from the 1930's. This seems to be the trend this year so I am quite sure that I will be in good company this summer laying poolside with my sunhat. In case I forgot to mention before all you Gossip Girl addicts can expect the show to resume airing in mid-April. However, by that time I would have already snuck into their studio and kidnapped their costume designer then i'll have all of the cool clothes (HA HA HA)!

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Timeless Handbags

Okay, I bought my first designer handbag when I was in the 9th grade and I have been in love with well made designer bags every since. It was a blue Gucci , with the monogram, and a red white & blue ribbon in the center, a sort of button with the Gucci label in it, which nobody can seem to believe I bought when I did! (I'm not tellin!, not even the name of the bag!) One Fashionista that I know asked me about that bag and I knew immediately that this person knows her stuff! My next bag was a Coach, black, with a little black coach tag hanging. My next was my absolute favorite, Louis Vuitton. So went my upward love of handbags (started not a moment too soon!) I learned that Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 and was the hallmark of style and craftmanship. I also learned that it was the creme de la creme, the best of the best when it came to craftmanship. So that's what I'll focus on today. There is something to be said for those individuals who can buy an item today knowing that it will never go out of style. Not only is it satisfying, it makes it easy for you to approach all of your shopping in "investment mode." You should buy all of your clothing, shoes, jewlery, everything from someone who can bring you both style and fashion. And I mean "BRING IT." Let's take a look at some current styles of Louis Vuitton Bags. For Louis Vuitton's Handbag collection: Palemo Pm and Palemo GM are two bags that are classics. In the luggage line Alzier, Bisten and Cotteville are classics. So there you have it, the first three designers that I bought my handbags from way back in ....(I'm still not tellin!) Which were the top 3 designers of the moment and arguably today. For all you Fashionista's out there here's a list of some other popular hand bag sites: Of all the people in the world...NOT more PRECIOUS, LOVED AND DESERVING...than YOU. Lovin Life, Truthis