Thursday, November 20, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

Wear them with caution ladies!

Ralph Lauren
"Phelps Suede Boots"
Available at Ralph Lauren

This bag is just like other bags made on this order.........or is it? You'll get a nice surprise when you examine this bag. It's design is well thought out. Not your ordinary bag at all.

Marc By Marc Jacobs
Dr. Q Riz
Available at E-Luxury

Too sexy! This little number says: "I'm classy, sexy, and intelligent and if you say the magic words I may just talk to you a little while.".

Alice & Olivia
"Grecian Pleated Dress"
Available at Net-A-Porter

"Manners make the fortune of the ambitious youth."---Ralph Waldo Emerson

Lovin Life, Truth Is

Godiva...And It's Free!

Go to Godiva to locate a store near you!

"The ambitious are forever followed by adulation for they receive the most pleasure from flattery."---Oliver Goldsmith

Lovin Life, Truth Is