Monday, February 16, 2009

Fashion Week - Day 4

On Day Four of Fashion week we were treated to classic style with 2009 twists, gorgeous dresses, and take-your-breath-away blouses. All in all it was a very good day. The designers didn't disappoint. Which gives me an added incentive to see this thing through! First up, we've got Tracey Reese:

Tracey Reese/Fall 2009

Tracey Reese

Jill Stuart worked it all out with her collection. This was one of the shows that I found myself speechless at because of all the gorgeous silhouettes.

Jill Stuart/Fall 2009

Jill Stuart

Carolina Herrera knows how to wow a crowd and she not only wowed us but she left us wanting more. This first dress is not only gorgeous but it's fabric is to die for! I'm going to investigate that fabric just a little more. Her own creation no doubt. All the intricate patterns on it. And the color, knock your socks off! Her entire collection is one that's really masterful when you stop and consider all of the details, large and small.

Carolina Herrera

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Lovin Life, Truth Is

Fashion Week Day 4

Todays Schdeule :

  1. Farah Angsana (Salon)
  2. Carolina Herrera
  3. Carlos Miele
  4. Jill Stuart
  5. Tracey Reese (Salon)
  6. Donna Karan New York
  7. Yeoh Lee
  8. Tony Cohen (Salon)
  9. ZZegna
  10. Terexov
Should be a good time!

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Lovin Life, Truth Is