Thursday, November 13, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

I dare anyone to touch me in these!

Roberta Furlanetto
"70's Corsage Trousers"
Available at Revolve

A good read and good looks!

"American Fashion Accesories"
By Candy Pratt Price, Jessica Glasscock and Art Tavee
Available at Amazon

Now these booties are stylish.

Acne Jeans
"Chiquita Suede Bootie"
Available at E-Luxury

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Michelle Obama----Her Style ----Her Way

Of course all the fashion world is a-buzz wondering who Cassandra Bromfield is and why did she get the honor of designing Michelle Obama's inaugural gown and exactly what it will look like. I know it will be one of a kind, I'm not promising anything else. I respect what First Lady-Elect, Michelle Obama is doing here. Ok Ms. Broomfield you're up! Front and center! No pressure. I personally would have been on the phone to Garavani Valentino, Georgio Armani, Karl Laggerfeld. (Sorry about any retirements I may be interrupting) I would have them submit three sketches a piece to me. (Of course the 9 signed sketches would have become my property for later placement in the museum of my choice.) This would be a display of diplomatic courtesy like you've never seen! Heck, America would just have to understand you have to go to VERY BEST there is when you're making these types of decisions. I'm VAIN!!! DO YOU HEAR ME, VAIN!!! When it comes to that outfit that I have just got to get right. VANITY IS AN ASSET!!! These three gentlemen would know where I'm coming from.

Seriously though, I think Michelle's got it under control...I hope she does..we can't afford any slip ups! I'm not worried...ok I'm worried just a tiny, minuscule bit! But she's shown excellent taste with the majority of her outfits. I can truly say I like all of the outfits I've seen her in with the exception of that one.......we won't even say which one because no body's infallible.

Michelle Obama seen here with Jay Leno The Tonight Show October 27, 2008.
Like the outfit. Nice, casual, and most importantly appropriate.
J Crew Ensemble

Here, Michelle Obama wears Narciso Rodriguez from the spring 2009 collection.
I have to tell the truth, I didn't like this dress on Michelle but then again I'm not Mrs. Obama.
I'll keep my personal criticisms to myself however this is the ONLY time I've seen her in an outfit that I didn't like or even go ga ga goo goo over.

This dress, by Maria Pinto was to say the least...A BRILLANT CHOICE.
Michelle is strong, very stylish, yet very sexy!

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This Article written by Michelle Hayden, thank you

Lovin Life, Truth Is