Monday, February 23, 2009

Fashion Week Wrap-Up

It left as quickly as it came. Gratefully. I remained pretty patient throughout it though. I was about to stand up in the middle of it, throw a couple of shoes and exclaim, "Oh, come on are you kidding me? People this is Fashion Week not whatever week. Exactly what are you people doing?" It all seemed painfully, boring at first, I mean they were just missing the mark to me. OK let me be honest, that was the worst Fashion Week that I can remember. I was thinking, "What the hell is going on?" Could it be the economy? Because if it was they may as well not even have a fashion week. I literally saw people bailing in the middle of shows. Normally I would scoff at such behavior. Maybe I was mistaken, maybe it was my interpretation that was off. Then someone expressed the same sentiment that I did only a lot more colorful and then I knew it wasn't me. There were some designers that actually showed up and showed out they are:

  1. Barbie Collection (Assortment of Different Designers)
  2. Herve Ledger
  3. Jill Stuart
  4. Carolina Herrera
  5. Badgley Mischka
  6. Oscar de la Rente
  7. Michael Kors
  8. Zac Posen
  9. Malandrino
  10. Douglas Hannat
  11. Chaldo Ralph Ricci
  12. Ralph Lauren

So these are the people who continue to give me hope. They saved my Fashion Week. There are maybe 2 that deserve honorable mention however, they just didn't "bring it." I just hope the next Fashion Week will be a good one.

"Life ought to be a struggle of desire toward adventures whose nobility will fertilize the soul."---Rebecca West

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