Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wanna Go To A Gucci Show?

You're a style enthusiast, right? Do you spend hours oogling at your PC screen because your invitation to Fashion Week got lost in the mail? Well here's your chance to get in to Gucci's 2009 Resort show {I know, they're late right}. On Tuesday July 8th @ 2:00pm edt, Gucci will be holding a live simulcast of their Resort show via world wide web. So grab your Yoplait Key Lime Pie yogurt and log on Gucci's Website for your own exclusive front row seat. The reason for the webcast is in honor of Gucci's 70th anniversary in Condotti Rome.

On The Campaign Trail: Estée Lauder Sensuous Perfume

Sensuous, launched in June 2008 exclusively at Bloomingdale's first and later at Estée Lauder counters in July, continues this tradition of attention to femininity. Lauder perfume advertisings consistently show off the women featured in them like idols on an invisible pedestal (the perfume is that invisible pedestal) and seldom even seen as part of a couple so as to stress their ideal courtly-love character. But Sensuous offers a more casual, modern feel. With Sensuous, we get another attempt at further accessibility, similar toTuberose Gardenia Private Collection. It is not a reflection of the couture dress but rather about the simple white shirt, an attribute taken from men and adapted to the feminine form as shown in the new ads. In order to embody the every woman, not one but four models were chosen to represent Sensuous: Gwyneth Paltrow, Elizabeth Hurley, Carolyn Murphy, and Hilary Rhoda. They perhaps represent not so well the ethnic diversity that exists today in America and are all uniformly elegant and sleek, but it is an attempt at conveying a message of pluralism nevertheless.

Aerin Lauder said, “Each model represents a different side of sensuality,... Hilary conveys youth, while Carolyn’s classic look communicates elegance. As an actress, Gwyneth brings an emotional range to sensuality and Elizabeth portrays confidence and wisdom."

**Images courtesy of Estee Lauder and Sensuous Perfume

Belle Of The Ball

Remember when I mentioned my five favorite men of fashion? Well in case you missed it, Elie Saab was one of those men and always, there is never a disappointing moment with him. His Couture show was absolutely fabulous. In a time when there is much debate about what is luxury and what should be considered haute couture Saab displayed that there is something about evening wear that is always couture. If you have been to {or seen pictures} the Sistine Chapel in Vatican City, Rome then you definitely know where he drew his inspiration from for Fall 2009 Couture collection. The silhouettes were created by using dozens of meters of taffeta and georgette gathered into off-the-shoulder swags, fabric rosettes and floor-sweeping trains.

"If it hardly amounted to a soaringly imaginative ode to one of the greatest works in the canon of art history, Saab did add a touch that puts him in line with an emerging look of the season: a layer of lace petticoat glimpsed through beneath chiffon skirts." -To quote Sarah Mower, from

**Images courtesy of