Friday, February 20, 2009

Fashion Week ---The 8th and Final Day

Ralph Lauren!, Chaldo Ralph Ricci!, Stephen Burrows ! Well, I guess they did save some of the best for last! As usual these men did their collective thing on the last day of Fashion Week. Although they had stellar performances it may not be enough to make up for the poor performances we saw earlier this week. We still thank God for the fact that they will be judged on their individual performances. So here are 3 of Fashion Week's saving graces!

Ralph Lauren Fall 2009

Ralph Lauren

Chaldo Ralph Ricci Fall 2009

Chado Ralph Ricci

Stephen Burrows Fall 2009

Stephen Burrows

And that ladies and gents is a wrap!

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Fashion Week---The Final Day

Mixed feelings is what I have following this Fashion Week's offerings. There were only about 5 designers that really stepped up to the plate and put on really good shows. Bummer if you really stop and think about it. Fashion Week was suppose to be my escape from all of the crazy things I hear on CNN and MSNBC. I think our society has become one of "resting on our laurels." I think that in whatever you do be it fashion, athletics, education, medicine or whatever someone or something has to happen to wake us up and shake us to be a nation or a world for that matter of people who are always building on the best. It's when we bring our best to the table that we are able to learn from that experience to grow. I don't think there's anything wrong with that. For all the designers who brought their "A Game" I applaud you. To those who didn't I'm pretty sure all the columnist have let you know who you are. You might try harder, do better, try a different strategy, push for the best. As for the argument that these shows are all about excess I say, "AND." That's part of the entire fashion "aura." We expect it to be excessive, outrageous, ridiculous, and ingenious. What we don't expect is that everyone can go out and buy it or that everyone will want to go out and buy it! That being said here's the schedule for the last day:

  1. Project Runway
  2. Ralph Lauren
  3. Tadashi Shoji
  4. Chado Ralph Rucci
Hopefully there will be surprises!

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