Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Favorites Of The Day

You might want to go on over to JJ Winters and take a peek. They have got some gorgeous bags!

JJ Winters
"Camel Suede"
Available at JJ Winters

Wow! This is a piece I'd keep just to look at! There's a pretty interesting story about Issac Manevitz, the pieces designer too.

Issac Manevitz
"Multi Color Sculpture Necklace"
Available at Ben Amun

Usually I'd say something like, "You're doin too much!, when I see a pair of shoes with this much color in them. All I can say is that these shoes made me go whoa! I know I like different things within certain parameters. All I can say is these shoes took me way outside my comfort zone and I really don't mind it!

Ruthie Davis
"Multiplex Patchwork MaryJane"
Available at Ruthie Davis

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