Tuesday, September 30, 2008

A.F. Vandevorst

An Vandevorst and Filip Arickx Spring 2009 showing was nothing less than memorable. (A.F. Vandervorst) It had strings of brilliance scattered throughout it. The feminine influence was on display. I think they can be proud of their showing overall. The sexy sleeves with extended cuffs on their white blouse was simply outstanding. I loved the beading on a grey dress with a tiny grey ribbon for a belt. Simple elegance.

Spring 2009

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Favorites Of The Day

Pay attention to gloves this season. Most of them are much longer at the wrist. Of course they are coming in all different colors. With the Jackets and Coats having shorter sleeves, we need longer gloves to make up the difference. I thought these gloves by Miu Miu were cute.

Miu Miu
"Ruffle Leather Gloves"
Available at Net-a-Porter

I was really surprised when I saw this sweater coat from Anthropologie. It has a tailored look and it is so sophisticated. I envision wearing it over some wide legged pants, with some super skinny legged jeans or even with a little pencil skirt.

Slate Splendor Sweater Coat
Available at Anthrolopolgie

The Estee Lauder Cos. Inc., the stalwart luxury beauty firm and department stores' most dominant ally, has linked with a surprising new distribution partner. Wal-mart

Estee Lauder
C-Thru Scents
Available at Wal-Mart

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Monday, September 29, 2008

Isaac Mizrahi

Here's a good little read that I want to be sure you know about.

Available at Barnes and Noble.

"Even if there is nothing to laugh about, laugh on credit."---Author Unknown

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Favorites Of The Day

I respect the rights of all animals (that being said) Marc Jacobs created this absolutely beautiful handbag. For the price, I would definitely demand the quality workmanship that went into this bag!

Marc Jacobs
"Ostrich Stam Satchel"
Available at Neiman Marcus

I tried to resist these red shoes by none other than Christian Louboutin. I don't know if it was the detailing on the buckle or the way the leather is draped over your foot leading to the buckle. Or maybe it's the way he gathered the shoe at the bottom which leads to the draping effect. Whatever it is I'm hopelessly in love with this shoe!

Christian Louboutin
Available at Barney's

When I saw this coat by Aqcuascutum I thought, "Well I'll give it an "A" for originality. It was the color that just reached out to me though.

"Hatia Coat"
Available At Net-A-Porter

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Friday, September 26, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

Kinda likin' this bag by Kooba.

Kooba ---Carly Shoulder Bag
Available at Neiman Marcus

I really, really like theseMonolo Blahnik boots! They are definitely on my list!

Monolo Blanik --- "Geniaba"
Available at Barney's

Now I saw this jacket by Rachael Roy and ya know I had to have it.

Rachel Roy
Available at The Gilt Group

"Abundance is not something we acquire. It's something we tune into."---Wayne Dyer

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Thursday, September 25, 2008


Yesterday, Frida Giannini who is from a different generation than Milan's other female designers, proved she sees fashion from a more pragmatic standpoint. Giannini named her Spring show "Gucci Exotica." After reviewing the collection all I can say (literally) is Wow!

Spring 2009

To see the entire collection go to Style.com. With that said, I don't want to say another thing, you've have just got to go and see it!

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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

Zac Posen designed this handbag. It's a nice little cross between a hobo and a tote. Though he actually list it as a tote. We really don't care what style it is, it's just stylish!!!

Zac Posen---Pleated Aster Tote
Available at Shopbop.com

The Color! Just light enough for day-into-night. Apply lightly! Simply beautiful!
Yves Saint Laurent
Ombres 5 Lumieres
5 Color Harmony For Eyes
Available at Sephora

I'm told that this is a pretty good read.

Vera Wang Enduring Style
by Katherine Krohn
(Lifeline Biographies)
Available at Amazon.com

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

Aaahhh!!! Boots!!! You can never have too many pairs! And if you're like me, you can barely exist without these oh, so pink Louboutin's.

Christian Louboutin---C'est Moi shoe boots
Available at Christian Louboutin and Shopbop.com

Big Belts seem to be in this season. The more ornate, the better.

Alexander McQueen---Large Embellished Stud Belt
Available at Net-A-Porter

I think this handbag by Tony Birch is functional yet beautiful. And it's also on my list!

Tory Birch ---"Happy Chain Strap Hobo"
Available at Nordstrom

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Monday, September 22, 2008


Supercar purists would call this stretch Ferrari 360 Modena limousine an abomination; I agree, but read on, because this Ferrari is quite special too.

This Ferrari limo’s 0-60 is less than six seconds, and it reaches a top speed of 166 MPH--a loss of just 17 MPH than a standard Modena. To make the 20-foot Ferrari limo, a 360 Modena was chopped in half and stretched 9.5 feet. A hand-built carbon fiber section makes the stretch possible.

The Ferrari limo only seats eight people, but has already claimed the Guinness World Record for fastest limousine. The limo’s creators are under heavy fire from Ferrari, who claims that the car has been so heavily modified as to be unrecognizable and mandates that its creators remove all Ferrari badges to avoid trademark infringement. Ferrari---I really don't know of any other car that has the limo's shape so regardless to whether you remove the "Ferrari Badges" or not WE ALL KNOW IT'S A FERRARI!

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Favorites Of The Day

Juicy's finally got my attention with this handbag. I had to ask, "Who's that by?" So you know I was purely looking for style. I thought maybe Prada at first, before I saw the emblem. You should have seen my face when I learned it was by Juicy Couture!

Juicy Couture ---'Madge' Smocked Velour Satchel
Available at Nordstrom's

David Yurman
Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

Dolce and Gabbana --- Tied Blouse and Cashmere Flirt Skirt
Available at Neiman Marcus

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Friday, September 19, 2008


Issa! Simply Beautiful! The Spring 2009 Collection by Issa offered a random grab bag of easy, fluid shapes in light, floating fabrics. Femininity at it's finest!

I luv a line that's as feminine as this one is. And details! Did you notice the snake necklace? WOW!!! Not over accessorized, just enough to make the dresses pop. I'm really luving this collection!

"When a quiet man is moved to passion, it seems the very earth will shake."---Stephanie Barron

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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Favorites Of The Day

Ok, you're right I'm just hopelessly hooked on handbags. It's better than some habits!

Kooba "Tracey" Studded Hobo Bag
Available at Nordstrom

Guess I sort of got hooked on this color scheme.

Laura Merceir---Cherries Noir Collection
Available At Nordstrom

Now I could rock this with the right color tights and some boots!

Y's By Yohji Yamamtoto---Layered Mini Dress
Available At E-Luxury

"First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win."---Gandhi

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