Friday, March 14, 2008

F*ive W's: Big Drop NYC

What: Big Drop New York City

Who: Big Drop founders (and second cousins) David Katzav and Shy Iland says their stores' name reflects it origins as a retailer of men's street and surf wear "big drop" is surfer slang for describing how waves break.

When: Founded in 1990 in the Soho district of New York.

Where: Big Drop has three locations in and around New York and launched an international store in Tel Aviv in 2006. They are working on adding another Manhattan location. And plan to add two new stores each year for the next four years across the United States, most likely locations are Boston, Chicago, Las Vegas and Los Angeles.
  1. Soho 174 Spring Street New York, NY 10012 Phone: 212.966.4299 Fax: 212.966.4314 Store Hours: 11am-8pm Mon-Sat 12pm-8pm Sunday
  2. Upper East Side 1321 Third Avenue New York, NY 10021T: 212.988.3344F: 212.861.7404 Store Hours: 11am-8pm Mon-Sat 12pm-7pm Sunday
  3. Soho 425 West Broadway New York, NY 10012 Phone: 212.226.9292 Fax: 212.226.6291 Store Hours: 11am-8pm Mon-Sat 12pm-8pm Sunday
Why Their HOT: The items that they select are cool and trendy yet unique and original. and that's why the retailer is so successful. They recently just introduced a few big names at their stores, but they are very methodical about their selections. They made a name for themselves by discovering up and coming designers in apparel and accessories. Distinguishing themselves by selecting pieces that often went under the radar and were more affordable.

How: Each season Big Drop unveils new merchandise each season and about 30 percent of that is from new designers and throughout the rest of the year they continue to introduce key items. The average retail prices for their handbags range between $250-$750. and average prices for jewelry range between $40-$240. The super-hot founders plan to keep up their expansion through their finely honed ability to spot trends before they emerge. The website shows shoppers how to they can wear different styles for different occasions. Big Drop has a blog filled with dressing tips.

**Some images are courtesy of BigDropNYC and their various collections.

Puppy Love

A Beagle? A Poodle? A Yorkshire? Perhaps a Doberman. I love each and everyone of these creatures. We are just a month away from my dog's birth. I'm busy making my home puppy proof, and studying everything I can about the breed (Doberman). And it's going to be a girl! Which got me to thinkin, hhmmm' I wouldn't put any clothes on a Doberman (okay maybe a t-shirt) but I wonder what kind of outfits I can find for little doggies. Due to the fact that it is Election season I would have to get the adorable T-Shirts from SimplyPetsOnline. Democrat and Republican t-shirts that come with matching Democrat or Republican Collars too. Juicy Couture's "Canvas Pocket Leash Set,""Scottie Dog Carrier," and their "Dog Bowl Travel Set" are too cute. Louis Vuitton has a cute little "Monogram Canvas Sac" Chein (Dog Carrier) and a "Monogram Dog Collar." They are available at e-luxury.

I'm guessing I'll go to PoshPawz for my baby. They have some really nice collars and I want one for my puppy already!

"Work at saying exactly what you mean, and learn to mean exactly what you say." --Unknown

Lovin Life, truthis

Wannabe Green?

This isn't what you think it is. St. Patty's Day is Monday March 17th and I bet you don't have a thing to wear, do you? (Guess you're going to get pinched) However, there are a few rules that you can follow to make sure that you look great and are in style for this holiday. Oh and if green isn't a color that you normally wear, don't sweat it, I'll throw something in there for you too because after all you still have to wear something in the green color bracket on the 17th. My basic rule is that if you wouldn't wear something any other day of the year, please don't dust it off for St. Patty's Day, especially those dreadful graphic tee's that say "Kiss Me I'm Irish." (I actually had someone run up to me with one of those on in college) Now, I'm going to show you all how to dress green and still be chic, sexy, stylish and flyy.

Chris Benz Skirt & Shirt $345-$745 @ Neiman Marcus

Tony Burch Dress $395 @ Neiman Marcus

Let Nature Rock Tee $82 @
LAMB Tunic $145 @
Ella Moss Skirt $155 @ Neiman Marcus

Lacoste Polo $75 @ various retail stores

Marc Ecko Hoodie $74 @

LRG (Lifted Research Group) Hoodie $74 @ Select retailers

LRG (Lifted Research Group) Hoodie $74 @ Select retailers

Ed Hardy Hoodie $165 @


Well L.A. Fashion week ends later on today but all of the socialites will be partyin like rockstars throughout the weekend. And remember earlier in the week when I told you all that I would give you the scoop on Lauren Conrad and Nicky Hilton's clothing line debuts, well here it is. Now tell me you love me :)

While I normally enjoy rummaging through photos of the various Fashion Weeks across the globe, I was put into snooze mode when it came Lauren's collection. For the most part I really saw nothing new in her collection. It seems like she just took a ton of clothes from her closet, put them on the models and sent the down the runway. I can honestly say that I see no sustainability as far as high fashion goes. She stayed true to her "California Chic" statement. As you can see the basis for the line was a lot of jersey material. I wished she would have played with different fabrics a little more. Maybe I am being too hard on her, you be the judge:

Lauren had the support of many of her friends in the audience including Hills co-stars, Whitney Port (BTW: Elle Magazine reports, since leaving Teen Vogue has been working for PR firm Peoples Revolution), Audrina Patridge, Lauren "Lo" Bosworth, Franky Delgado, Brody Jenner and an irrelevant Kristin Cavallari.

Port, Patridge and Bosworths flirty party dresses sadly looked like they were taken straight from Conrad's showing (I couldn't find any reports of the designers the girls were wearing, But I think we already know). With that being said, on to Nicky at Nicholai

Nicky's showing of her latest Nicholai collection also was extremely reflective of her personal style (lots of trenches, knit tops, belted frocks and black latex leggings). In the end I believe Nicky's line could eventually evolve into a major line. Provided she buckles down and learns how to combine materials, patterns, techniques, styles, etc.

Now, I don't believe that these collections were bad collections, I just believe that they were more personal style being showcased versus actual major high fashion clothing lines. However, I do have to give it up to L.A. for using one of it's best assets, Celebrities. There is no better way than to show Paris, Milan and New York up by showcasing your celebrity talent.

**We would like to thank Mercedes Benz and Smashbox Studio's for providing some of the above images.