Friday, May 30, 2008

Magazine Staff as Fashion Models - US Vogue: Office Chic

Building on the recent fascination with the inner workings of fashion magazines and the stylish people who put them together comes a much-anticipated photo spread in US Vogue that will feature the staff in place of models.
Here’s your chance to find out if the rumors about the demands by editor-in-chief Anna Wintour are really true; you’ll find out for yourself it the North American staffers really are stick-thin ueber-fashionistas.
The shoot will feature editorial staff, assistants and even interns in a fall fashion piece promoting “office chic.”
Ever since the Devil Wears Prada was released, and TV shows like Ugly Betty have aired, the fascination with fashion magazines has spread like wildfire.
"Happiness depends more on the inward disposition of mind than on outward circumstances."---Benjamin Franklin
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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Eva Mendes---Banned

The new Calvin Klein Secret Obsession perfume commercial featuring Eva Mendes has been banned by Stateside TV networks for being too racy. The commercial was shot by Steven Meisel.
Catherine Walsh, senior vice president of American fragrances for Coty Prestige who produce the scent explained, “The Obsession brand resonates in a very provocative place. And we wanted to do a provocative ad. But we’re not trying to be raunchy. There’s a lot of skin, but it’s done tastefully.” And she vows to fight the censorship decision, “We’re going to fight.”
Eva told WWD about the campaign, “To me, Calvin Klein has always represented sexiness and a freedom to express yourself,” said Mendes. “That was especially important for me, because I felt very awkward during my teen years. When I was approached by Calvin Klein, I thought that it would be so satisfying for me to be part of a campaign where I could show women and girls that it’s okay to be different.”
"Govern thy life and thoughts as if the whole world were to see the one, and read the other."---Thomas Fuller
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

You Gotta See These!

When the cats away the mice play! It's all good though. Lexie knows how addicted I am to handbags. Hopefully she won't throw a fit! Anywho---I just wanted you to see these handbags by Gherardini and Carla Mancini before I literally scream!

Carla Mancini CM754 Black

Available in Brown, Red, Black Suede, Brown Suede, Olive Suede

Carla Mancini CM 768 Tan

Available in Black, Brown, Rust, Olive

By Gherardini

Phlox, EPXo2 VTBM

"The searching-out and thorough investigation of truth ought to be the primary study of man."---Cicero

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Up And Coming? They've Arrived!

Lorenz Leather has been creating handcrafted leather jackets and accessories in Florence, Italy since 1982. Each piece is produced with genuine Italian leather and is handmade by the most skilled Florentine artisans. These bags are WELL made. It would be a crime not to show them to you! Style and craftmanship, I can't think of a better marriage.

Catalina Tan
Catalina is a Lorenz Leather classic. Since it came out, this gorgeous handbag has become their most sought after handbag thus far

Torrina Tuscan Red
Torrina's elegant look will fit any occasion with its versatile design; it comes with a shoulder strap for day or handles for a more evening look.

Lasiana Camel Tan
Lasiana's sleek size is perfect for evenings out while still having a functional design.

"The first step in the acquisition of wisdom is silence, the second listening, the third memory, the fourth practice, the fifth teaching others."---Solomon Ibn Gabriol

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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shoe Shoppin'

My taste is all over the place today. Probably has something to do with that potato salad I ate yesterday! Anyway, here are the shoe's for the week. Very stylish, bold, and downright elegant.

Name of shoe: Very Noeud Knotted Satin Pump
Available at: Christian Louboutin, Nordstrom and other fine retailers

Derek Lam
Name of shoe: Astrid

Available at: Barney's

Name of Shoe: Satin Pearl Sandals
Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue

"For those who have seen the Earth from space, and for the hundreds and perhaps thousands more who will, the experience most certainly changes your perspective. The things that we share in our world are far more valuable than those which divide us."--- Donald Williams

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Body Art (Jewlery)

Ines de Castilho‘s decorative jewelry may be worn on the skin of the wearer. The beautiful, sensuous jewelry has flexible and rechargeable adhesive pads secured to the back side of the decorative portion by which the jewelry is attached to the skin.
The self-adhesive bras are especially beautiful. The mesh-like collages or foliage are hand-sewn on the grids and covered with Swarovski crystal rhinestones in gold, pink and pale blue. This jewelry collection is truly unique, beautiful and very sensuous.
"We get to make a living; we give to make a life."--- Winston Churchill

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Unusal Lights

Hello there!, Hope you had a wonderful Memorial Day. Look, if I somehow failed to show you these lights, I'm afraid my life would be in danger. They are different though I must admit. They qualify for my unusal, and just something diffrent catagory. So, for my friend who shall remain nameless, the lights are by Gandia Blasco.

"Man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed, but not defeated."--- Ernest Hemingway

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Monday, May 26, 2008



Friday, May 23, 2008


I get teased often about "My Products." There are some that I've been using for some years now. Change just does not happen especially when the product has been good to me for a while. Clinique is one line of such products. They have just about everything I need when it comes to skin care. I have never had a problem with Clinique and I've been using it since middle school. Now I realize everything doesn't work for everybody but I just wanted to let you now it works for me. Here are three new products they have.

New Quick Eyes Cream Shadow
Creamy, crease proof 10 hour coverage.
Available at Clinique and fine retailers everywhere.

New Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief
Enjoy rapid refreshment and a full 12 hours of soothing moisture with an addictive by-a-waterfall feel.
Available at: Clinique and fine retailers everywhere.

New Long Last Glosswear SPF15
Lip gloss juiced up with 8 hours of lasting shine. Spends every minute comforting lips. In 18 different shades.
Available at Clinique and fine retailers everywhere.

"There comes a day I realize how much my own life is built on the labors of my fellowmen, and how earnestly I must exert myself in order to give in return as much as I have received."---Albert Einstien

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Clive Christian

I've had the priveledge of smelling this perfume and I must say it definitely does live up to the hype. Now owning a bottle is going to prove just a tad bit more complicated. I will say that it's on my goals list for 2008!

In 1999 Clive Christian acquired the Crown Perfumery, a celebrated British perfume house established in 1872. The house acquired its name after being granted the use of the royal crown by Queen Victoria as a mark of quality and excellence. Now, inspired by history and tradition, Clive Christian creates a new level of luxury perfumes, with exotic, natural ingredients that allure both men and women. The result for women:

No. 1 Pure Perfume for Women
Recognized as the world's most expensive perfume, this sophisticated scent is created from the rarest, finest ingredients—and accented with a sparkling brilliant-cut diamond.

"There are two things people want more than sex and money... recognition and praise."---Mary Kay Ash
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Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yummy Body!

Here are two items that are Eco-Friendly, economical, and quality products. Try them out, there good for the body as well as the soul.

Floral Honey
Wild Flower Honey, made from the nectar of Greek wildflowers
Benefits: The incredible biodiversity of plants in Greece results in a floral honey rich in bioactive substances that act synergistically and effectively to help improve the body's health. APIVITA Floral Honey contains a significant percentage of cotton honey which is known for its highly effective antibacterial properties. Active Ingredients: carbohydrates, trace minerals (potassium and iron), proteins, amino acids, enzymes and B-complex vitamins

Available at: Apivita

Tawaka Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cream What it is:A 99% natural, intensively moisturizing, antioxidant-rich and sulfate-free full body treatment.

What it is formulated to do: The ultimate treatment all skin types - particularly dry, damaged, aging skin - this rich cream quickly and thoroughly absorbs into the skin. Helps increase firmness, elasticity and vital hydration, leaving skin and hair feeling velvety-smooth with no oily residue. The rare, natural blend replenishes precious oil to the skin and hair that are lost over time, while protecting from harmful free-radical damage. The perfect canvas for makeup, it helps reduce the look of fine lines and extends the life of makeup. And best of all, it won't clog pores.

What else you need to know: Enriched with 100% pure wildcrafted Ojon® oil, supported by clinical studies to instantly strengthen, hydrate and restore a healthy look and feel to dry, damaged hair. The savage cacao in our Ojon® Tawaka™ Ancient Tribal Rejuvenating Cream contains the antioxidant equivalent of 204 lbs of blueberries!

Available at: Sephora

"The man of wisdom is never of two minds;the man of benevolence never worries;the man of courage is never afraid."---Confucius
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Something Lazy, Crazy & Fun

Ever had the kind of day when you knew you were going to get into some mischief but you didn't know exactly what kind? I'm right there. I think I'm going to do something totally and completely unlike me, today. Totally legal, but barely sane. Gotta keep everybody around me guessing! Here's my picks for a lazy, crazy and fun, dress, respectively. And here's to lazy, crazy and fun days, may you have many of them.

This dress is my lazy, I'm taking the day off, lounging, leave me alone because I might bite you, dress.

Ruffled up Jersey Dress
Available at: The French Connection

Alberta Ferretti
Draped Color-Block Dress

Caught my eye immediately, probably because it's a bit out of the norm.
Available at: Bergdorf Goodman

This is my let's go have some fun because all that mischief making is truly wearing me down!
Ports 1961
Silk Ruffled Mini Dress

Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue

"If we all did the things we are capable of,we would astound ourselves."---Thomas Edison

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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Mmmmhhh! What Decade Was That?

It was the 1960's or somewhere there about. K, I've already gone crazy from seeing far too many Pucci Prints and too many dresses that look like they came straight from any of my Aunt's closets. I mean really, these dresses are not castoffs from a by-gone era they are actually fronting these dresses as new style. I've really tried to ignore this all season but today it had to come out. I thought I was stuck in some crazy kind of time warp until I reasoned anything that wasn't passed down to me or inherited I'll just get it this time around!

Clover Print Dress
How much more 60's can you get than this?

Aura Cape Mini Dress
(I can hear them calling Marsha Brady!)

Emilio Pucci
Star Print Shift Dress
No comment neccessary.
All of three of the above are available at

Overland Shirtdress
By Odille.
This one honestly doesn't remind of the 60's it was just so darn cute I had to show you. It's available at Anthropologie.

Ok, you all are going to have to excuse me for today, alright? I'm going to make nice with all of my Aunts. What?, don't even, 'cause you know you're thinkin' the same thing!
“You are never really playing an opponent. You are playing yourself, your own highest standards, and when you reach your limits, that is real joy.”--- Arthur Ashe
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Chanel Vice Heels

Women complain about their killer heels all the time, but stop when they see Chanel’s latest buzz-worthy shoes. Karl Lagerfeld seemed to be mocking women for their love-hate relationship with heels when he collaborated with a shoe designer to come up with the “Miami Vice” shoes.
Designed by Laurence Decade for Chanel, these gun shoes debuted at the Chanel resort presentation. They are lethally yours when they hit the stores next month.
“The longest journey a man must take is the eighteen inches from his head to his heart.”- --Unknown
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bags Of The Week

This weeks bags are as different as night and day. You'll still find them fun, luxurious, and we even hear the availability of one of these bags started a cat-fight! We'll let you guess which one!

Gipsy Ruffled Medium Hobo

Corcovado Turnlock Tote
Emerald Goat
When the first Corcovado Large Tote sample hit the Hayden-Harnett design office, all the girls fought over's that good.
Available at: Hayden-Harnett

Julia Cocco'
Invisibile - PVC and Black Leather Hobo Bag
Fall Collection 2008
Available at: Forzieri

"A leader leads by example, whether he intends to or not."---Anonymous
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A Few Good Reads

Here are a few good reads we want to keep you posted on:

Bill Gibb: Fashion and Fantasy
By Iain R Webb (Author), Twiggy (Foreword)
This title will be released on October 8, 2008

Yves Saint Laurent: Style
To be released on September 10, 2008

Vogue Fashion: Over 100 years of Style by Decade and Designer, in association with Vogue
By Linda Watson (Author)
This title has not yet been released.
All of the above titles are available at
"A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way and shows the way."---John C. Maxwell
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Patrick Cox Shoes

Comparing one shoe designer to another can be a compliment or a insult. Shoe Designer being the operative words here. Very Good Shoe Designer. Or should I just say Shoe Artist? I assure you I intend only the best of the best for our readers. Patrick Cox is a very good Shoe Artist, right up there with the best of the best. We wish him continued success and loads of inspiration. The following shoes are from his collection.

Black Satin Pump with Gold Opanca Toe

Purple Peep Toe Pump With Gold Trim Detail

Black Satin Evening Sandal With Siver Metal Ankle Chain Detail

Gold Lizard Pump with Golden Platform

"We are prone to judge success by the index of our salaries or the size of our automobiles, rather than by the quality of our service relationship to humanity."--- Martin Luther King

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Karl Lagerfeld's Metamorphoses of an American

One of my favorite fashion icons, the larger than life Karl Lagerfeld has released a new book entitled Metamorphoses of an American. The book features five years worth of photos of model Brad Kroenig (born in 1979) that were shot by Lagerfeld himself. Metamorphoses “traces the physical and emotional development of Brad Kroenig … the world’s most sought-after male model.”
Maureen Orth Vanity Fair shared this insight about the Lagerfeld/Kroenig relationship: “‘Have you met Brad?’ Lagerfeld asked. Brad Kroenig, a top male mode who, at 6 foot 1, looks vaguely like Matthew McConaughey, was sparkling in the same silver sequined jacket he’d worn to the Met Costume gala the night before. He and Lagerfeld attended New York’s ‘party of the year’ together, and they had just arrived in Paris the afternoon I saw them, none the worse for wear. Kroenig, an easy-going 29-year-old with the uncanny ability to transform himself to look like everyone from James Dean to Errol Flynn, is the American whose ‘metamorphoses’ Lagerfeld has been documenting for the past five years. ‘I thought it would be interesting to follow the physical evolution of someone,’ the designer told me in his rapid-fire German accent. ‘Without him knowing it, he has an unbelievable range. It’s a kind of gift. He knows nothing about these things. It’s fun for somebody to skate on these images and interpretations without being an actor—the characters, the situations, the attitudes, while at the same time to stay a completely modern all-American.’”

"The best way to make your dreams come true is to wake up."---Paul Valery"
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Friday, May 16, 2008

Claudia Schiffer Covers German Vogue

When dealing with sexuality, most magazines do it stealthy… but not German Vogue. The only words on the cover of the June 2008 issue are “SEX by Mario Testino” written across an image of a nearly nude, masked Claudia Schiffer. The theme of the issue is clearly the timeless topic of sex, yet Vogue still incorporates one of the biggest fashion movements of the season, superheroes, by way of the Catwoman-esque mask.
Testino is one of my favourite photographers, and one of the most famous celebrity photographers of today. He captured the beauty of the German supermodel in the most tasteful way imaginable. It may seem odd for a fashion magazine, which gets makes its money through advertisements for clothes and accessories, to feature a model devoid of any garment but underwear and stalkings, but it’s actually a clever way to entice readers.
Even female readers are drawn to this cover; not because it gets them sexually aroused, but because it showcases beauty in such a natural way.

"All men dream but not equally. Those who dream by night in the dusty recesses of their minds wake in the day to find that it was vanity; but the dreamers of the day are dangerous men, for they may act their dream with open eyes to make it possible."---T.E. Lawrence

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

Spring Bags In Color

When we talk about Spring we think of vibrant colors. Exciting colors. With the flowers blooming and everything pointing towards that favorite time of the year, Summer. I say bring it on...As much color as I can stand! I say Bravo!, to the Italians, Bravo!, because no one can make a Bag like you!

The genius of Laura Biagiotti shines through in this Purple Flowered Bag with her designers initials.

Cesare Paciotti
This IS a nice bag! Show stoppin red. With it's tassel to the is side and it drawstring closure, this bag is HOT!

Gianfranco Ferre
This is as stylish as it is investment piece. I notice this style of bag is becoming more and more popular. With the tassel off to one side in snakeskin this bag says Yes to spring!

'The thing always happens that you really believe in; and the belief in a thing makes it happen."---Frank Loyd Wright

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How About A Snake With That Sake?

**Image courtesy of Thailand Unique

I have always been a person to mildly flirt with danger. Thats probably because I don't have to courage to go meters about the earth to bungee jump or sky dive. Majority of bugs give me the creeps and let's not even talk about how I react to the mere mention of the word spider {I'm literally shivering now}. But due to my keen sense of animals and reptilian, I seem to love to flirt with snakes, especially the really poisonous ones that can kill a person in a matter of minutes, like long before you get a chance to find the antivenin. Which brings me to my point, while reading the latest issue of Maxim, I happen to come across an article discussing the five most deadliest creatures in North America. At the end of this article, it went in to detail about a cocktail that includes rice wine {or whiskey}, venom... ohh and a previously living snake. Better known as Cobra wine or common referred to as Asian Snake Wine.

As I did some research I learned that this wonderful concoction has long been thought to be an aphrodisiac in Southeast Asian countries, as well as being used for medicinal purposes. {Although I really don't recommend it for drinking or anything else}. The wine can be created several ways, one including putting a live snake in a glass jar along with a smaller snake, usually a tree snake of some sort with the later addition of distilled rice/ grain alcohol. Since, I am an admired of cool things, I might just go buy a bottle from Asian Snake Wine Co or Thailand Unique but I can 100% guarantee you this is something that I will use for show more than tell. Besides, if you have a creepy stalker or spiteful ex, send them a bottle of this five bucks you'll never hear from them again.

Doritos: The Quest

I think I have secretly bought stock in the company. It's the one snack I gotta have! Doritos are engaging consumers once again with Mystery flavors. Last year Doritos launched an all black bag named X-13D that tasted like… wait for it… cheeseburger.
Well this year Doritos has a new black mystery bag out called ”The Quest”.
The package directs consumers to go online if they think they can guess the flavor. The site lets you play a series of puzzles for a chance to win $100,000 in gold (or the cash value).
I say take the gold, it’s a better investment. From what I can tell, players have to solve a series of flash puzzles that aren’t too difficult. The first three people to solve everything will be sent to a secret city for a live event to compete for the $100,000. Hey! Don't hate on my Doritos Man!

"We are all motivated by a keen desire for praise, and the better a man is, the more he is inspired to glory."---Cicero

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Solar Panel Bra

It's able to leap tall buildings in a single bound! Charge your cell phone and iPod! AND... It can reduce your carbon footprint on the earth! IT'S THE SOLAR PANEL BRA! {Sorry, I just couldn't resist it} Lingerie maker Triumph International Japan unveiled its environmentally friendly "Solar Power Bra" concept on Wednesday in Tokyo. The green shag colored, high-quality cotton bra features a waist-mounted solar panel that powers a small, chest-mounted electronic billboard or any other electronic device you choose to connect. A pair of reusable drink containers attach to the bra cups, allowing the wearer to reduce consumption of aluminum cans and plastic bottles while increasing bust size. When not in use, the containers can be collapsed and stored in small pockets in the cups {talk about multitasking}. The concept bra will not be in stores anytime soon, said Triumph spokeswoman Yoshiko Masuda, as "people usually can not go outside without wearing clothes over it -But it does send the message of how lingerie could possibly save the planet- and the bra should not be washed or sunned on a rainy day to avoid damaging it." Masuda

Triumph International feels the "Solar Energy Bra" follows the other eco-friendly themed undergarments that include a bra that turns into a reusable shopping bag {good in the event that you left your normal one at home} and one that featured metal chopsticks to promote the use of reusable chopsticks. Triumph feels the concept bra's are a good way to be eco-friendly and promote the use of clean energy within society.

**Images courtesy of the Associated Press & Reuters