Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Favorites Of The Day

Here's a shoe that won't disappoint this Valentine's Day!Valentino
"Couture Half D'Orsay With Bow Detail"
Available at Valentino

It's just too darn cute to walk by! I am hooked! Juicy's got me, I'll admit it! This little pooch is perfect for my big/little girl, although she'd much rather a live one!

Juicy Couture
"Large Plush Scottie Dog"
Available at Juicy Couture

I wish I could explain all the irony in me finding this ring when and where I did. Anyway---it's the perfect little gift to remind you of infinity.

Love Rocks New York
"Infinity Band"
Available at Love Rocks New York

"Common sense is not so common."---Voltaire

Lovin Life, Truth Is