Friday, April 25, 2008


Look what I found! A couple of cute things. We'll, okay, more than a couple but I have to show you a few today and a few some other time.

Fendi has created the ultimate way to let your inner artist out: The Artist Baguette allows you to paint your purse in any way you fancy.
It comes with the markers to have it your way!
Available at Fendi, Neiman Marcus and other fine retailers.I told you, you can be creative, now here we see a designer asking you to be creative with their product! Let's just wait and see how many other designers will follow suit.

Valentino caught my eye with this "Fluer Metallic Rose Bag." Which I was actually going to show to you on Monday but for some reason or another it kept getting swept aside. But no more! It's available at Valentino, Neiman Marcus, and other fine stores.

"Crystal S Shaped Sandal"
All I can say is Wow! They are available at Christian Louboutin, Bergdorf Goodman, and other fine retailers.

"Don't count things you do, do the things that count."-Author Unknown
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My Challenge To You

I challenge you to flip the switch in your mind. What was the lowest point in your life? The thing that happened that made you terribly sad. The set of circumstances that hurt you the most. The thing that you thought that you'd never get over. Just think, now that you're reading this, YOU KNOW that you are meant to be equally as happy. Yep, you are meant to be happy TO THE SAME EXTREME AND DEGREE that someone or something made you sad, angry, upset, etc. CHOOSE to be happy. Embrace the situation whatever it is. Go ahead and accept it, and see the situation for whatever it is. I'm not saying don't be sad angry or upset about whatever. Being human dictates that you are going to feel these things. But you know what makes it all good is the fact that you have a CHOICE. Anything beyond your initial moment of realizing that this thing happened to you is totally up to you. And anyway you feel about the situation is totally up to you. CHOOSE to learn the lesson, feel the sadness or pain and move on. Then CHOOSE to be GRATEFUL FOR THAT EXPERIENCE. You can pull the good out of any situation, the worst of situations, I know you can and I know you will. Just flip the switch in your mind and things will get a whole lot better. I had a stroke at a time when everything seemed to be finally going my way. I was conscious all the time while I was having the stroke and I remember everything that was going on around me. I also remembered my daughter and it was my thoughts of her that helped me to hold on. A cousin of mine who shall remain nameless, came to visit me and she immediately wanted to take my daughter out of state to live with her. (She was a very negative person and she had a strong motive) I remember telling her that "I HAD THE STROKE, THE STROKE DIDN'T HAVE ME." I didn''t realize it at that time but I had "Flipped The Proverbial Switch." My prognosis wasn't good, the doctors said I'd never be able to walk, talk, or anything else and my sheer ability to see the situation for what it was helped me to survive. By the time I left the rehab facility I was walking, not good but never the less I was walking and talking. They gave me a wheel chair and I told them once they got me home with it to take the wheelchair back because I wouldn't be needing it anymore. I crawled up my stairs until I could walk and I refuse to use a cane because to me those were things designed to make me lean on them. I wanted to lean on my own weight. Today I'm walking, talking, typing, researching, working from home and learning new things everyday and I'm grateful for it. That's only part of the miracle. Another part is that I was able to finish sending my daughter to a private Catholic School and while it meant some sacrificing on my behalf it was doable and it was done. When life hands you lemons, give it back lemonade that you made SWEET. Why?, because you you've got the sugar and YOU CAN DO THAT! Don't let ANYTHING OR ANYONE HOLD YOU BACK FROM EXPERIENCING ALL THE GOOD THAT LIFE HAS FOR YOU. FLIP THE SWITCH!

Absence of consciousness is ego. Whenever the ego is absent, God is present." ---Osho

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Sandals from Old Jeans

Next time your jeans look like they’ve had too much wear and tear to keep in your wardrobe, hold on to them. Thanks to, you can now have your favourite denim pieces remade into chic sandals. A great idea sure to delight tree huggers the world over!
Recycling jeans into footwear is “A great way of personalising your recycling whilst helping to preserve the Earth’s atmosphere,” says
I really believe this is a wonderfully useful idea. And it doesn’t sound ridiculously expensive. Softwalker’s speciality has become ultra-comfortable soft, springy shoes which are approved by podiatrists." We have developed several innovative new products including the Kalahari comfort sandal for women who want to improve their general posture and foot health. The sandals have a unique foot support which mimics walking barefoot on soft ground. Denim Kalahari sandals are what you get from your recycled jeans, but if you don’t have a pair to recycle don’t worry we have other sources of recycled denim so you can just order an “off the rack” pair.
"Perseverance is a great element of success; if you only knock long enough and loud enough at the gate you are sure to wake up somebody."---Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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Bamboo Sunglasses

Why should nature lovers shy away from the fashion scene? To be green chic, here’s exactly the accessory you’ll need, especially when hanging out in the sun during that protest rally.
These iWood sunglasses from The Green Loop are hand-made from sustainable harvested bamboo. However, the $350 price tag might just make you think twice about whether its better to get those cheaper plastic ones and donate the rest to a green charity."Desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcends everything."---Napoleon Hill

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Typography Rugs - John Pour Home

Your front entrance helps largely to shape the first impression people get of your home, and your rug plays a role in what you reflect. To show you’re not just an average Joe, let your personality come out with one of these John Pour Home rugs. Instead of having a message printed on them, their shape is the message!
John Pour Home rugs come in shapes like a skull, dragon or flowers, or in words such as, “Make Yourself at Home,” “MiCasa SuCasa” and “Das Rug.”
The hip rugs are the creation of graphic designer/artist John Agelii whose background is in fashion advertising.
“Right now what I want to show you is how I plan to challenge the way we think of rugs,” Agelii says.
“These rugs are made of felt and communicate more directly to visitors and guests than ordinary rugs do. The use of typography and symbols let you create a dialog on the floor of your house. I see them as accessories or little gems to spice up the house.”
“Inspiration to the name John Pour Home is taken from the perfume world and I´ve simply removed an ‘m’ in Pour Homme.”
“Design and art need a twist. John Pour Home is my contribution.”

"To understand the magical nature of the mind is to acquire awesome power." ~Deepak Chopra

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