Friday, March 7, 2008

M.A.C. & Heatherette (The Day I Died and went to Heaven)

So here's the skinny, all of my close friends know that I have one weakness, one obsession that I will go broke to cure and that addiction is MAC Cosmetics. I'm not even going to mention the grand total of my addiction, lets just say there goes my Louboutins right there. Yet again, right after I have just recovered from Fafi, I hear there is a collaboration between fashion and beauty that transcends epic proportions and absolutely makes me swoon... I present to you, HEATHERETTE & MAC COSMETICS!!! Now of course this news broke during NYFW (New York Fashion Week) in February (which makes me a little late in telling you guys). So to make up to you all here's the skinny, every single item that will be featured in the collection:

The Heatherette for M.A.C. collection details are as follows:

  • Lipstick $14.50 USD
    Lollipop Loving (G) - Mid-tone coral w/ subtle green gold iridescence (LE)
    Fleshpot (S) - Light neutral beige (Repromote)
    Hollywood Nights (S) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
    Melrose Mood (AC) - pastel pink (LE)
  • Lipglass $14.50 USD
    Bonus Beat (F) - Sheer yellow beige w/ gold pearlized pigments (LE)
    Sock Hop (C) - Soft mid-tone coral (LE)
    Style Minx (F) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
    Starlet Kiss (F) - Pastel pink (LE)
  • Eye Trio (a 3 pan eyeshadow compact w/eyeshadows) $32.50USD
    Eye Trio 1
    Mood Ring (VP) - Pastel mint green (LE)
    Cloudburst (V) - True black w/subtle green pearlized pigments (Repromote from Blue Storm)
    Hoppin’ (F)- Pastel peach (LE)
    Eye Trio 2
    Baby Petals (S) - Pastel pink (LE)
    V.I.P. (V) - Mid-tone yellow pink LE)
    Cassette - Blackened eggplant - (LE)
  • Glitter $16.50 USD
    Reflects Gold - translucent glitter w/ gold reflection (Pro)
    3D Silver - Multi-reflective silver (Pro)
  • Pigment $19 USD
    Jardin Aires (F) - Gilded peach w/ silver reflection (LE - Repromote from Strange Hybrid)
    Pink Pearl - Mid-tone pink w/ blue reflection (Pro)
  • Beauty Powder $21 USD
    Alpha Girl - Pink with gold reflects
    Smooth Harmony - Medium deep bronze
  • Dual Edge Pencil (a pencil with 2 ends and 2 different colours) $16.50 USD
    Black Funk/Pop Blue - True black/turquoise w/ silver glitter (LE)
    Phone Me/Text Me - Charcoal grey/metallic silver w/ silver glitter (LE)
    Nighthawk/Front Row - Coffee brown/neutral peach w/ gold glitter (LE)
    Fab Orchid/Dash Lily - Jewel-tone purple/mid-tone lavender w/ silver glitter (LE)
  • Nail Lacquer $10 USD
    $$$ Yes - Metallic silver foil (frost) (editors note - pronounced Cash Yes)
    Lola Divine - Soft mid tone coral (creme)
    Lash Sets $11 USD
    She’s Good - Similar to #7 (patent finish)
    She’s Bad - Fishnet texture (patent finish)
***We would like to thank everyone at for the very detailed color info and for the photo images of Heatherette and MAC cosmetics.

However M.A.C./Heatherette lovers this haute-beau collabo will not be available online or in select retailers stores until March 27th. But that's ok, because that means that you still have time to go get the rest of the M.A.C. & FaFi collection before it's sold out.

***UPDATE: Heatherette & MAC collection will be available March 20th online and in stores.

Where Did You Get That Hat???

Aaaahhhh Spring!!! I don't care what the calendar says, IT'S SPRING, and nobody is going to tell me it's not! For real.....all this snow, I'll be even more delirious than I already am if I just wait for it to stop snowing. Enough already! No more snow, EVER! It's early March so I say IT'S SPRING! Time to think flowers, and dresses, and hats. You know, Easter, the Kentucky Derby, and a Mint Julep. I remember when you weren't dressed until you had your hat and gloves on. That's how we went to church and that's how the Kentucky Derby's done too. If you ask me any excuse is a good excuse to wear a hat. We have to go to our secret sources to tell you where some of the WORLD'S BEST HAT'S are. Now for some people it's kind of hard to tell exactly what a particular hat is going to look like on unless you try it on. Most women I know who have been wearing hats for a while are experienced enough to buy a hat without ever trying it on. You can do it too, even if you've never worn a hat before in your life. Just visualize yourself in the hat in various different positions on your head. To the side, straight on, leaning to the rear, leaning to the front, etc. The more you try on hats the better you'll get at it. You know I want to show you more pictures but this is a blog so I'll just give you some sites: For the pink hat go to: For the black hat go to: For the purple hat go to: For the orange hat go to: Want more? Try: "Life is not measured by it's length but by it's depth." Lovin Life, Truthis

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain, Rain go away come back another day! Like tomorrow, so I can rock this Trench Coat by Burberry! So many beautiful coats, so little time to wear them all. Burberry has really done it right though. Out of all the collections I looked at, Burberry seems to be the one that has a little bit of everything in it this year. Their coats are wearable, yet fashionable and they even past the investment test. Their "Trench Coat Dress" with it's stylish, yet playful hemline is a must have for this season. I will definitely buy this coat! Like, as soon as I get through writing this article. I like Burberry's "Short Checked Trench" and their "Checked Trench." For investment pieces I would by the "Cromwell," and their "TrenchCoat," both classics. Absolutely, LOVE Burberry's "Double Breasted Trench,""Military Coat," "Trench Jacket," and "Laminated Jacket." The last four coats I mentioned are available at Nieman Marcus & Saks Fifth Avenue. I was able to get in touch with customer service from both Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue and both are willing to A. Bring the coat in from another store (if they actually carry a particular coat)and B. order it for you. The first 5 coats I mentioned you'd do best to go to "Burberry Site." (if you have time to wait) Now if you didn't go gaa gaa over Burberry's collection of Trench Coats here are some other alternatives that are equally as stylish: Dana Buchman's Coats, "Trench Coat" was a definite winner available at Nieman Marcus. Ralph Lauren, Versace, Badgley Mischka, Marc Jacobs and Juicy Couture all recieve honorable mentions for theirTrench Coats in their ready to wear lines. "Success is not final, failure is not fatal, it is the courage to continue that counts."-Winston Churchill. Lovin Life, Truthis

The Hotlist (Jeans, Shirts & Shoes)

Ladies (& Gent's) go get these items because they are going to go fast once word gets out. Here are my picks of the week:

  • 7 For All Mankind's SuperFlare in Ibiza, $180 (7 For All Mankind, Nordstroms)
  • Rock & Republic Kassandra Boot-cut, $280 (Nordstroms, Neiman Marcus)

  • Christian Louboutin Sequined Peep-Toe Pump in Gold $995 (OUCH!!!) (Neiman Marcus)
  • Nine West Platform Slingbacks, $100 (Victoria Secret) (In case you really wanted the Yves Saint-Laurent edition, but couldnt cough up $2,000)

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When Bling Meets EEK!!! (A Twisted Art Tale)

I've know about this person for quite some time however as of late he seems to keep popping back into my frame of mind. Every time I turn to PBS (yes, I really watch it) or Discovery, he's even made it on to Style Network I see him, meaning Damien Hirst. It seems I missed the boat on this one because this man and his "artwork" (if you can call it that) is all the rage. So of course, I took sometime out to see what all of the fuss was about, turns out he makes some pretty controversial pieces that are supposed to make you think about the flaws of modern society and its necroticism. The only person that seems obsessed with death is him, especially with that of dead animals (he officially made me want to join PETA). He gained popularity off or pieces of art which were nothing more than dead, often maimed, animals preserved in formaldehyde. Now his most recent creation is the one that has garnered a lot of media attention. Apparently he used a real human skull cast in platinum and encompassed it with 8,601 diamonds, the piece is entitled "For The Love Of God." According to reports, it only cost Hirst $12 million to make the piece, but he sold it for nearly $120 million. I'm Sorry but this is definately a case when diamonds aren't a girls best friend (but despite my outrage, I still think this piece pretty cool).

***We would like to thank our friends at Wikipedia for this image.
**If you would like to view more of Damien Hirst feel free to visit his site at the Gagosian
Museum in New York.

*His most gruesome project to date is A Thousand Years, which features maggot hatching's that grow into full grown flies and feast on a severed cow head... EWWWWWW