Monday, October 6, 2008

Retail Stocks Took A Beating!

Not trying to scare anyone, but retail stocks took a beating this morning, falling more than 4.6% within the first half hour of trading as economic concerns and the global credit crisis persisted despite the Treasury Department’s new authority to spend up to $700 billion to bail out banks.

The Standard & Poor’s Retail Index fell 15.14 points to 316.69 by 10:20 a.m., as the Dow Jones Industrial Average tumbled below the 10,000 mark, falling 5.3 percent, or 545 points, to 9,780.35, after just more than an hour of activity.

The day's not over yet! So I'm just going to be an optimist and say the market still has time to correct itself.

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Favorites Of The Day

The color attracted me of course. Then I found out that they were made pretty good too!

Maison Martin Margiela
Razor Cut-Textured Boot
Available at E-luxury

Truly, I have been searching for a mod winter coat. Believe me I am searching high and low. This coat is by Costume National. But it is listed as a Full Length Jacket.

Costume National
"Full Length Jacket"

These gloves caught my attention because they are so well made.

"Quilted Leather Gloves"
Available at Saks Fifth Avenue

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Lovin Life, Truth Is


Dresses, beautiful dresses at that. I don't even have to tell you that the Lanvin Spring 2009 Collection had me when I saw the first dress. But, then again, by know to show me some nice skirts & dresses and I'm content. (nice is a understatement) For the Spring 2009 Collection it looks as if Lanvin kept it simple, elegant and sophisticated. I love the in-your-face orange dress that's gathered together on the left shoulder. That green dress, mmmhhh! Lanvin Spring 2009, Enjoy!

Spring 2009

You can see the entire collection at

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