Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Still Making My Mind Up Re: Father's Day

Father's Day is beginning to be an even bigger deal this year. How do you get someone something that you haven't already got them? When I get through going through all these post I'm going to make my selection and that will be final........Like tomorrow! Anyway here's what I'm considering for today.

I walked into my Credit Union and there were these big, oversize construction workers. They were there to complete renovations on the Credit Union. They were talking about what they could possibly be getting from their significant others for Father's Day. One of them mentioned The Sony PlayStation God Of War Game and I like to screamed right there and then! You want a what for Father's Day! Apparently he wasn't the only one! One guy was talking about how they are limited editions and giving him suggestions for finding one if he didn't get one for a gift. I found them in bundle at Amazon.com. A PLAYSTATION!, WHO KNEW?

Now this next item is cool but I don't think my guy will get it for Father's Day. It's kind of like getting me a Refrigerator or Washing Machine. Ain't gonna work. Forget About It! The Black & Decker 19-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Mulching Lawn Mower. Pretty cool, huh? Eco friendly, And they said my favorite word Mulch! It's available at Black & Decker and Amazon.com.

Now could I suggest a future gift with the promise of the much anticipated 3G iPhone? The phone will be available on July 11. The new “IT” phone features thinner edges, a full plastic back, flush headphone jack, GPS, and of course, the just announced iPhone 2.0 firmware. Apple, you rock!
Pre-orders are already available at the Apple Store.

Fire Hose Nozzle
Control Your Spray Pattern and Pressure with a Fireman Garden Hose Nozzle
The fire hose nozzle works just like those used by fire departments. This garden hose nozzle is built to last and made of heavy-duty, stainless steel. The rubber bumper on the fire hose nozzle protects the nozzle from dings and drops. Don't worry about dropping the fire hose nozzles on your car because the rubber bumper will protects your car's finish as well.
The garden hose nozzle has a large push-pull, on-off level just like the pros use. Twist the outer ring on the fire hose nozzle to control the water pattern from a spray to a stream and twist the inner ring on the garden hose nozzle to control the water pressure. You know where I'm going with this one don't ya! I'm just as mischievous as the next person! Or maybe I should just get a Super Soaker, huh. I'm buying this for as a gift for him, but we all know who'll use it!

"Work like you don't need the money. Love like you've never been hurt. Dance like nobody is watching." --- Mark Twain & Samuel Clements

Lovin Life, Truth Is

I Have Officially Begun My Countdown...

Fall Haute Couture

Monday June 30th, 2008


Tuesday July 1st 2008

11:00a CHANEL

Wednesday July 2nd 2008


Thursday July 3rd 2008


**Images courtesy of New York Magazine

I Spy With My Little Eye...


While getting things together for another post, I happened to notice Christian Louboutin's Passementerie Open Toe {And it's closed toe variation} Pump from his Pre-Fall collection bared a striking connection with the dress from Fall 2007 Christian Dior Haute Couture Collection. Could it be inspriation? Or maybe I have finally died and went to style heaven. {Actually, I think it's a little bit of both} At any rate, I'm trying to chase someone down to buy me that shoe!!!

**Passementerie Open-Toe Pump @ Neiman Marcus
***Dress from Christian Dior Haute Couture Fall 2007

On The Campaign Trail: Gaultier Parfums

The campaign itself has started airing on French television stations and the editorial shot from the campaign was featured on WWD last week. It features model Agyness Deyn as the only model selected for the campaign. Deyn who is currently the face of Burberry, has the resume of a super{model} having posed for Mulberry, Blumarine and Giorgio Armani just to name a few. Gaultier also disclosed more details behind the concept of the name and why he wanted a "freshly electric" vibe from Ma Dame:

"The name Ma Dame is like a little French joke," he explained. "A 'madame' can be a woman of a bordello, and 'madame' can also mean someone bourgeois. Even in terms of dressing, 'to dress like a madame' in French is boring, super politically correct. But 'ma' 'dame' in two words means 'my dame.' It means she's not like the woman in the bordello or bourgeois. She's his muse."

On the resurgence of 'Fresh' perfumes:

"I wanted something that was fresh, not so voluptuous. I wanted some electricity.
.. We know there is a big opportunity, a big trend on the market toward fresh notes," said Polette-Danet, "and it's true the brand was totally absent from this market of freshness, both in men and in women."- JPG (Jean Paul Gaultier)
As for the "Ma Dame" herself, the perfume is comprised on a tangy grade of orange, blossoms of a velvet of rose, a drop of grenadine and rounds itself with musk and cedar. The velvet rose petals give the perfume its slight pink color which is presented in a glass flask that sculptures itself from the famous bust of John Paul Gaultier. And according to our reports the perfume will be available no earlier than September 1st for worldwide distribution.

Garden Parties w/ McCartney

**Three models and McCartney pictured center in a black blazer from her collection
For her most recent resort show, McCartney held a garden party showing at West Village's Jefferson Market Garden. And to this ultra rare event she invited the likes of Lola Schnabel, Jeff Koons as well as others. Gingham picnic blankets and large retro swirl lollipops accompanied the models that modeled the looks of McCartney's 2009 resort collection. Her collection doesn't disappoint and I like every single article. From her signature T-shirt dresses all the way to her incredible mod-tailored blazers. My absolute faves of the collection however is worn by Chanel Iman, which is a nautical blue sailboat print dress that is accompanied by matching espadrilles and dime pouch clutch. And Kasia Struss who wears a khaki colored one-piece that reminds you of feminine chic that swallowed Old Hollywood style.

**All images are courtesy of Style.com