Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Judith Leiber

I remember when a friend of mine told me about this lady but I wasn't in shop mode so I just made a mental note of her name. And I don't remember where I first saw her bags but I did see them again on Trendhunter. This time I decided to slow down a bit and go on over to Judith Leiber's website to see what all the noise was about. Believe me the noise wasn't loud enough! I apologize to my friend too because here she was trying to give me an excellent tip and there I was totally out of it. Judith Leiber has some of the most beautiful things including eye wear, practical and unusual, whimsical, yet gorgeous evening bags, fine jewelry even a new fragrance. Take a look at these handbags!

Rattle Minaudiere
Elegant in style, this Rattle minaudière features multi-colored hand-crafted Austrian crystals, push-lock closure and detachable chain strap. LEIBER Limited Edition logo plate inside.

Polar Bear
Uniquely shaped evening bag fashioned from hand glued Austrian crystals. Features a push down snap closure and detachable chain strap. Comes beautifully boxed with a keepsake bag.

Fully detailed in hand glued Austrian crystals, this bag features top snap closure and detachable chain strap. Comes beautifully boxed with a keepsake bag.

Pave crystal trim accents this charming satin evening bag. Kiss lock closure. Satin lined interior with back wall pocket. Comes beautifully boxed with a keepsake bag.

Exotically styled bag made of crocodile with magnetic flap closure and Austrian crystal trim. Detachable chain strap. Satin lined interior with back wall pocket and additional slip pocket.

Medium Rectangle

Candied Lizard
Exotically styled bag made of lizard skin adorned by an intricately jeweled butterfly accenting push down closure. Lined interior with slip pocket. Detachable chain strap. Comes beautifully boxed with a keepsake bag.

I could go on and on but just go to the link above or you can hit Judith Leiber and find your way there. At least I have something good to explore while I finish recuperating. Maybe I'll have to recuperate after I finish exploring! Either way, it'll be nice!

" Here is the test to find out whether your mission on Earth is finished; if you're alive it isn't."---Richard Bach

Lovin Life, Truth Is

Hello Everyone!

I've been out for about a week because I hurt my foot somehow another. One day it just swole up on me. Big as a football! I was definitely in panic mode. And not pretty at all for my shoes! I went to one hospital and the doctor did a thorough exam (I thought he was going to ask for my firstborn child, which in my case- is my only born child!---we would've had to fight!) Any way to show you how ridiculous I can be at times, I was looking at their hospital garb and really noticing how it could really use a makeover, and I could do it within a budget too! The patient gowns, "Are they serious, they are still hideous! I mean I know you go to the emergency room because you are ill but can we get some garments that don't add to our illnesses? Now they did treat me with excellent care, got me in and out of there in no time at all. They gave me two prescriptions one for ibuprofen and another for Tylenol 300 and to show you how long it has been since I've taken any type of prescription medicine it was no time at all until I was flying as high as a kite! Oh, of course my daughter had a good laugh off that one, little mom can't even handle the Tylenol 3oo's. No I can't, and I'm proud of it too! I was soooo tempted to do something out of character, (opportunities just kept presenting themselves---but I behaved myself.) Besides I was in PAIN, THE KIND ONLY SECOND TO CHILDBIRTH! So the next day while trying to make an appointment at my doctors office which I won't get into until tomorrow (this Wednesday) the drama just continued. Now I know it's not my salt intake, I eat as close to nature as possible, it's not gout--don't drink, don't remember twisting my ankle, been doing epsom salt foot baths--only works for a couple of hours, the doctor said it wasn't fractured or broken. He did however say it may be some inflammation in there. All I know is whatever it is I want it out! By the way, it may please my daughter to know that I at least graduated from the Tylenol 300's to Vicodin 500mg now I'm really spaced out because I don't feel any pain and ANYTHING ELSE EITHER I'll be back full-fledged and real soon when we get to the bottom of this mystery! Until then take care.

"A woman is like a teabag; you never know how strong she is until she gets in hot water.---Nancy Reagan

Lovin Life, Truth Is