Thursday, March 19, 2009

Favorites Of The Day

This is a very versatile, and stylish belt. It's durable with it's artsy buckles and leather. Taken care of properly, this one will be around for a while so it will be well worth the investment.

Ralph Lauren
"Slim Leather Concha Belt"
Available at Ralph Lauren

I have got to get this scarf as an investment piece for Lexie. Although there are dozens of his scarfs that are equally as beautiful. You should always have at least one. Scarfs are an accessory that will never go out of style and a good one will last forever.

Emilio Pucci
"Cancello Large Silk Twill Scarf"
Available at Bloomingdale's

This picture doesn't do these gladiators half the justice they are due. They are exquisitely made. The detail on them is second to none I have seen thus far. I don't want to say any names however, there are at least three more designers with gladiators that are up to the knee and they don't even touch the masterful design of this shoe. (2 of the other designers cost significantly more!) Now, if you only get one pair of Gladiators this season please consider these.
They are well made, they even have a zipper shaft. The buckles are carefully placed in the right areas, and the little chains and studs are all placed perfectly. A whole lot of thought went into this shoe. It definitely shows. Well made product. Great Job Juicy!

Juicy Couture
"Lavish To-The-Knee Gladiators"
Available at Neiman Marcus

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