Monday, March 10, 2008

Is It Time To Take Them Seriously?

Everything about this years fashion shows has said chic, feminine, romantic, artistic, floral, old Hollywood and glamour which led me to look at some urban lines to see if this trend ran true for them as well. Remember when Baby Phat tee's were worn at a fashion show in 1997 and then a year later evolved into it's own label; no one really took Kimora seriously and though that she had lost her mind. For the most part everyone felt that one tiny urban hip-hop label that celebrates flash, hip hop glamour and bling could never be taken seriously in the epic fashion world as a heavy weight. But something seems different this year with all of the urban hip hop labels... Although she has made it clear that items shown on the runway for NYFW 2008 were simply that, just for show is it time to take her a little more seriously? Kimora's fall 2008 line was filled with examples of old Hollywood glamour and 1920's sophisticate that stayed true to her color scheme of rich gold, black and deep purples. I saw these pictures and took note. However, maybe she should reconsider some of the items she's selling now and actually produce the items she put out on the runway. It might make her a little more successful in this industry.

In addition to that can we really call House of Dereon a force to be reckoned with. I have to agree with Sue Wong that there's an epidemic of celebutuantes turning into fashion designers. We have Jessica Simpson, Nicky Hilton, Lauren Conrad. The Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce. Her two clothing lines House of Dereon and Dereon were coined by the singer as synonymous with fashion, elegance and simplicity. However, first time I saw the line I dismissed it as a less flashy version of Baby Phat. I might be recanting my statement soon dependant upon whether or not she can keep up the good work. Although the pictures that are featured are from the House Of Dereon's line there is hope for the urban labels that so many people have counted out of the fashion game.

These sites are refreshing to me. They let me know that there is hope as far as urban fashion labels are concerned. Hopefully Kimora Lee Simmons and House of Dereon can continue to evolve as clothing lines and turn into true fashion houses. My only question is, who has what it takes? At the end of the day who do you have your money on to come out on top? Good luck ladies.

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Things To Come...

Hello All,

I would like to take sometime and thank everyone that reads this site. I appreciate all of the feedback that I have recieved via email and comments on this site. I started this site out of my fondness and admiration for fashion, as well as a creative outlet for myself while I am working out kinks with my own company. I must say that this blog is my baby and any feedback that I recieved (negative or positive) has helped me and will continue to do so. I also would like to take a moment and let you all know what is to come:

The F*Word will soon be adding:

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As I've stated before, I appreciate your continued support of The F*Word. I look forward to bringing you all the very best information about fashion, beauty, health and entertainment. Together we can do anything. Remember to be the best at everything you encounter.

Lexie H

Jimmy Choo Launches Sunglass Line

Shhh... I see sunglasses...

I don't know how many women danced in the street when they found out that Jimmy Choo had launched a sunglass line but I sure did. For months I had sat and fantasized (well maybe not fantasized) that the sunglasses would look as fabulous and luxurious as the shoes that Choo produces each year and for the most part I was correct. I must say that I am in love with aviators. I love them in all sizes and all shapes. They make me smile on the inside, so of course my favorite of the line are the one single pair of avaiators. However, I have a couple of other picks from the new luxury line, which are the Choo Rock glasses and if you are going for a more Jackie O. look I would go for the Choo Open-Temple look. Ladies please be adivsed that if you want to go and grab a piece from this collection it will cost anywhere from $275-$430 per pair and they are available at select retail stores (Neiman Marcus, as always). I also too the time to put the entire collection below so you cah decide what pair you would like for yourself. Enjoy!

**We would like to thank Neiman Marcus for the images of Choo's new sunglass line.

Top It Off With A Blouse

Pretty, white blouses take you from day to evening without missing a beat. I love the first blouse pictured here with a black and white skirt. It is by Donna Karan, from the Donna Karan Collection. Available at Bergdorf Goodman. The top itself is simply her "Puffed Sleeve Blouse." I like it because it's simple yet elegant, stylish, yet classic. I can dress it up, as they have done here or I can pair it with a nice black (or any color)wide-legged pant. I can even wear it with a nice pair of jeans and a nice shoe. The design of this blouse adds a touch of elegance to anything that you decide to wear. This next shirt is available at BeBe and is by BeBe. It retails for $69.00. It's called their "Scalloped Smock." This is a very pretty blouse with its lacey trim and it's elegant satin white bow. I can see it being worn with a pencil skirt, a pair of jeans, wide legged pants anything that has a tapered waist. The blouse has deep v-neck, with laced border so I wouldn't bother with a necklace. I would wear some nice chandelier-type earrings or some hoop earrings. A little surprise, the blouse has a semi-opened back. Bergdorf Goodman has another blouse that worth mentioning. It's Donna Karan's "Panama Shirt." It's deep red with a spread collar, low buttoned front, rolled cuffs, and puffed short sleeves. This fun little blouse could be worn with jeans, or a black skirt, just about anything you could imagine. These blouses are just three of my picks for season's best. I'm sure you'll be seeing them on a body near you! The man of wisdom is never of two minds;the man of benevolence never worries; the man of courage is never afraid. Confucius Lovin Life, truthis

Diamonds & Pearls

Diamonds are a girls best friend, and my friends, best friend....and well, you get the picture! Fantasies of Cartier, Harry Winston and Bvlgari are helping me to perfect The Law of Attraction. I'll take a Diamond anything (as long as it's over 7 carats) accompanied by some smaller diamonds and maybe a pearl or 2. The earrings pictured at left are from Harry Winston. They are classic, and they are on my list! Not a bad investment at all! The creations on Bvlgari's site just took my breath away. Absolutely exquisite. The 4 C's is what you want to remember when you go to pick out your stones. The 4 C's stand for Cut (how is it cut), Clarity (how clear is the Diamond?), Colour (what color is the Diamond?), Carat Weight (What does your Diamond Weigh?). For more thorough education on Diamonds you can go to the GIA (Gemological Institute of America) website. In addition to that most reputable Diamond Seller's have an area to educate you on their websites. Now, my mother had a several strands of pearls and I was as drawn to those necklaces like bees to honey. I vowed to get myself a strand when I grew up. Tiffany's was the first place I thought about when looking for a strand of Pearls for a gift. Then I thought, "I'll just educate myself on the subject, (never know when it might come in handy)." There are Akoya, South Sea, Australia, Tahiti, Indonesia and Freshwater Pearls. There are white, white rose, black, silver, pink and gold pearls. Then there's the Luster of a Pearl. Luster is the mirror like quality of a Pearl. Can't say that's what attracted me but if they say it's Luster, then Luster it is! Luster is apparently what people have been fascinated by throughout the years. There are several places to learn more about diamonds and pearls like the GIA and Bluenile. Kind of makes you stop and think....Nature has and continues to give us some of our most valued commodities. No matter what language you speak, what currency you trade with, Diamonds and Pearls are of immense value. Maybe it's just the Creator's way of winking at us! Reminding us that everything he created has life and or energy in it. We should value ALL life like we value the Diamond and the Pearl. "Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgment that something else is more important than fear." - Ambrose Redmoon Lovin Life, truthis

Has The Bubble Burst?

L.A. Fashion Week is here and will be until March 14th (for those of you that are still trying to get tickets). So of course this is the perfect time to be a fashionista or socialite running around southern California because you just might run into one of your favorite celebrities, or not?!?! Apparently a lot of regulars such as, Sue Wong and Ed Hardy are not showing Fall 2008 at LAFW; even worse heavy hitter Kevan Hall pulled out just three days before the event began at Culver City's Smashbox Studio's this weekend. This has left a lot of the week up to celeb/designers like the Pussycat Dolls and Lauren Conrad ("LC" from Laguna Beach, The Hills), which are being compared to a trend rather than "serious and legitimate" designers. Wong, who has openly expressed her disdain towards the idea of celeb designers has said, "let's see whether she [LC] can survive and thrive. It takes so much dedication," she said. "You gotta really pay your dues to be a serious artist." (OUCH)

Hall, who outfitted Oscar-nominated actress Ruby Dee this year for the event, pulled out at the last minute said that his small staff and himself "are focusing on 5,000 sq ft renovation space" and that "there are more important things that a fashion show." Although he insisted that there was nothing personal and that his decision wasn't reflective of anyone else presenting lines this year (Sure it wasn't). His presence, or lack thereof, pointed out that Christian Audigier and his infamous Ed Hardy line is not present this year {but they will be having a two day party featuring his lines}. Allegedly he wanted a night spot and Hall had taken the last one and due to him pulling out so late Audigier just simply didn't have enough time to put a show together. Good news is that Robin Antin (founder of the Pussycat Dolls) will be closing out the week on March 14th debuting a lingerie line (as if we didn't see that one coming).

*Click HERE for a complete schedule of L.A. Fashion Week, it's ticket pricing and events.

***This article will be updated throughout the week, Please check back continuously for updates.***

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