Thursday, April 24, 2008

Edible Dishes - Biodegradable Picnic Ware

Thinking Green?

The perfect cutlery for nature lovers, this four-piece set is made from 100% biodegradable cassava. The set comprises cassava plates, bowls and cups plus wooden spoons, forks and knives. The crockery is re-usable if washed with care, but will disintegrate within a week if left standing in water, or decompose in a few months if left on a compost pile. And if you are really keen on disposing it, the Picnic ware is edible too as it is made of cassava.
You can find them at: Your Guide To Green (under Large Eco-Picnic Bundle)

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Retro Magazine Clutches

The return of retro continues to be strong in the fashion industry, and it’s exciting to see old styles make themselves available for purchase again. One of the most delicious comebacks is that of the 1970s Magazine Clutch!
They’re plastic-coated and made to look like folded magazines. There’s a good chance you’d actually be able to fool some people into thinking you were carrying a copy of Vogue, and not your precious wallet, keys and iPhone. The clasp at the top of the bag, along with the sealed sides, keep your content safe and secure, while letting you display your sartorial savvy.
A chic vintage fashion cover is the best way to flaunt your impeccable flare for knowing how to revive a good thing!
A bunch of designers have recreated these bags, including Patricia Field, an American Academy Award-nominated fashion designer and the costume director of Sex and the City, among other Hollywood projects.
Retro Magazine
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Branded TV Shows-Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy TV is the new online television station launched by Tommy Hilfiger and Sony BMG.
When I read first the news, I thought “Well, well, well, how much of a brand worshipper do you have to be in order to watch TV created by your favourite brand?” But after that, I realized that it could be a great idea.
So why Tommy TV? Because the web TV station is an extension to Hilfiger Sessions which features high profile artists playing in selected venues around the world.
Tommy TV features live recordings from the Hilfiger Sessions as well as interviews and backstage materials with the featured stars. As CEO of Tommy Hilfiger Fred Gehring says, music and fashion go hand in hand.
When you check out the new website, you will see that the artist selection is quite impressive. Fans will have a wide choice which will reinforce the brand appeal to younger buyers as well as adults.
They’re serious about this music business as the line up contains DJ Krush, Faithless, Good Charlotte, Incubus, INXS but also Michael Jackson or Luther Vandross!

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