Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Prom Time

I know, I know, I know. Prom time is like wedding time and both are totally stressful when it comes to actually picking the dress. Prom time you definitely have some say in what your daughter will or will not be seen in. Wedding time you just hope they defer to the good sense God gave them! Here are some dresses that you both could come to a compromise on. Just suggestions---tell your teenager, they're just suggestions! Left to her father and my daughter would've gone in a potato sack if at all. Just thinking about Prom gives me the chills! You could even have a dress made for her based on these or any styles. Anyway, here are some selections that will keep her covered up, they're stylish, and she can't say you didn't give it an all out effort.

Badgley Mischka Platinum Label
Ombré Chiffon Gown
Held with a collared neckline of elaborate beadwork, a silk column drapes with soft gradation down to a vivid hem.

Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue

Beaded Chiffon Gown
Citrine (lime green). White beading on horseshoe neckline. Shirred bodice. Keyhole back. Pure silk; lining, acetate. Imported.
Available at: Neiman Marcus

Amsale Party
Strapless Ruched Gown
Iridescent taffeta is extra eye-catching in a gathered silhouette with full belled skirt.
Available at: Saks Fifth Avenue

Badgley Mischka Platinum Label
Iridescent Chiffon Gown
Shimmering silk drapes from the jeweled strap to the cowl hem.

Available at: Neiman Marcus and Saks Fith Avenue

You could always go to or The Rose Dress and make your selection. I've found that most of the girls just want their dress to be unique. Then there's the shoes and the Tiara. Due to the fact that I have no idea what color you'll be selecting.......You all are on your own when it comes down to the right shoes. Then again you all know I could just go shoe shoppin well into Next Season's Prom. Some nice Tiara's are at: The Rose Dress, Tiara Town, or Anderson's

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Aaawww Look at The Glasses!

Now I just like the style of these glasses but given the way my post have been going today I might just need what goes in them! The makers of Bombay Sapphire Gin conducted a competition to find the best martini glass. They have rounded down the entries to ten finalists and they want you and me to pick the winner. The selected entries, as you can see from the gallery, run the gamut from quaint, innovative and ingenious to downright strange.
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Diane's Foreign Affair

Autumn/Winter 2008-2009 will be an interesting affair for Diane von Furstenberg, more appropriately titled, "Foreign Affair" is the theme behind her most recent collection. "SHE always knew she would find her way through the rain drops...the mystery, the unknown, the infinite possibilities of a foreign affair," says Diane in the commentary for the shows notes. Her most recent collection dazzled the likes of Susan Sarandon, Rachel Zoe, Charlie Rose, Fran Lebowitz, LapoElkann, and others that attended the shoe in Bryant Park.

Foreign Affair is set in several locales that include Berlin, Shanghai and New York. Furstenberg, channeled the mood of each locale through her heroine's clothing utilized belted wool coats, vests and sweaters over elegantly cut dresses and trousers, for a winning boy-meets-girl mix in Berlin. As the locations fluidly changed to Shanghai, the prints got bolder and the silhouettes slimmer. Finally, our story ended in Manhattan with glittery Deco-inspired cocktail frocks, chiffon shirtdresses and work-worthy ensembles for the woman on the go that's independent and fun-loving.

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Wallet Cameras - Sony Snap

Young Hwan Kim designed this concept camera for Sony dubbed the Snap..
“Inspired by a man’s wallet, the surface is covered in leather. Like other ultra compact Cybershot cameras, you slide the cover to activate, only it pivots from a corner for easy one handed operation,” Yanko Design notes. “Outside of that, it’s just another run-of-the-mill Cybershot.”
Pretty sleek, understated design. I would definitely go for something like that.
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Dress Of The Day

Today, I just so happened to come across this beautiful dress on my friend Fashion Ivy's blog. I think this is one of the prettiest dresses and it exemplifies spring at the moment. Its a beautiful turquoise blue dress that is by Catherine Maladrino. The Silk Georgette Blouson Dress is a part of Maladrino's spring 2008 collection and if you happen to be in New York you should check out the upcoming stock sale she is having {also featured on Fashion Ivy's site}

You Won't Catch Donatella At H&M

Donatella recently put all of those rumors of her doing a diffusion line for H&M to rest. She recently told a few people at the New York Times for their Times Talk series that while she has been asked several times over to do a more affordable diffusion line, she has refused.

"I respect everyone who does it... But the reason I didn't do it is because I work very hard to put the Versace line in the luxury section. I think to put the Versace line in H&M would confuse the brand."

During her talk with New York Times she also makes mention of the fact that she wasn't always leather clad with brilliant blonde hair. When she and her brother, the Versace founder Gianni were growing up in Italy, Gianni dressed her up and took her out to clubs. "Gianni told me, 'Why don't you do some highlights?' By eleven and a half, I was a little blonde. By 14, I was blonder. By 16, I was platinum," she said. In the conversation Donatella lets her guard down to discuss the pain that she's endured in her life and also reminisces about the White House Correspondents dinner, in which she calls the sometimes annoying Bush a "very simple man."

Wanna Make A Statment?

There are a few thing in life that are going to happen and thats exactly why they are predictable. For example, you're defiantely going to grow older, you will more than likely lose at least one boyfriend/ girlfriend... And my favorite, fashion is NEVER going to stay they same. Last years "It-bag"and hottest shoe {with the exception of Louboutins, his shoes are always a must have} is this going to be fall's must-have bauble. On the runways we have seen an explosion of jewelry of the extravagant sort. Statement pieces that include hexagon mirror crystals with meshed net, enamel colored curls and big bright horticulture bracelets. Some cute that remind you of Alice in Wonderland while others simply say "Proceed with Caution." One of my faves happen to be the whimisical flower bracelet from Marni. Here are some of the looks from the runways...

Louis Vuitton

John Galliano


Burberry Prorsum

Christian Lacroix


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