Friday, December 5, 2008

Victor Carranza Equals Marilyn Monroe?

Marilyn Monroe may already be a fashion inspiration to many (Lindsay Lohan's leggings, perhaps?), but now, she's about to have a renaissance: designer Victor Carranza (who created many custom designs for Monroe herself) is launching House of Monroe, a luxury collection inspired by the icon. The brand's licensees have obtained the master license from the Marilyn Monroe estate, and are the only companies with the actual rights to reproduce Monroe's image. In addition to House of Monroe, which will be sold at upscale retailers like Bergdorf Goodman, a contemporary line of jeans and tees called Norma Jeane is being launched, and will be carried at stores like Atrium.

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Karl Lagerfeld's Silent Chanel Movie

Where in the world does Mr. Lagerfeld get his inspiration? It is a SUPERB IDEA ! His homage to the founder of Chanel, Coco in a cool and classy screening in Paris on Wednesday night of a Silent Chanel Movie. The film – short in length at 10 minutes, but big in ideas and budget – is entitled "Paris Moscow." He takes it a step further and uses the occasion to show his Pre Fall 2009 Collection!

Lagerfeld designed the stage set for the movie he directed! “There are so many films about Chanel being made this year," Lagerfeld told Fashion Wire Daily. "I thought it only right we make one. And with the Internet and thus people looking at silent images all the time, a silent movie seemed right. No?”

The movie is divided into parts – separated by Great War footage – with the second half featuring many of Karl’s best mates in a 1923 night dance club, whose décor made up the set in the theatre. Thus, the film was also a tremendous in-joke since it featured fetish model Brad Koenig playing the Grand Duke, muse Lady Amanda Harlech, a wealthy client in the film, and favourite DJ Michel Gaubert emoting as a “troubled man” in the night club, as Coco bats her eye lashes at her lover in the artificially scratched and faded short.

There seems to be no end to this man's creative ability. That's why I love him so much. He's always got his eye on the ball and just when you think he can't possibly come up with something to top the last thing he's done, SURPRISE! He's constantly innovating, consistently designing clothes that are simply stunning. I am in utter amazement every time Karl comes up with something new. It all seems so effortless. It is the genius world of Karl Lagerfeld.

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Favorites Of The Day

Here's a cute big bag. And it's on sale too.

Lorenza Gandaglia
"Handmade Carpet Bag"
Available at Vivre

Juicy's got the cutest take on terry cloth this year. I like the ruffles. Just that little bit of something extra makes this robe.

Juicy Couture
"Ruffled Terry Robe Pom Pom"
Available at Juicy Couture

Now who said booties were short on style?

LD Tuttle
"The Titania Open Toe Ankle Bootie"
Available at Shopbop

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