Monday, March 3, 2008

Welcome Back SPRING!!!!

Hello All

Welcome back to insider info on the latest fashion trends and what's to come in the future. Now here's a concern that were all worried about, SPRING. Everyone is starting to produce their ready-to-wear lines for spring/summer 2008 and the one reccurent theme is color and lots of it. Every year around this time we see the resurgence of bold, bright and magnificent colors much like the normal rebirth of spring. Year before last it was red, then last year was hint of the sea with aquamarine, now this year the "IT" color is YELLOW!!!! Ladies, no need to overhaul your closet and throw out all of your reds, aquas, royal blues, hot vivacious pinks and purples, instead try an infusion of these beautiful colors. Maybe a yellow dress with a posh purple satin Prada purse or a white Doo.Ri blouse with some Blue wide-legged Marc Jacob pants. In addition to this, if you don't feel that yellow is your color, there are more traditional colored pieces for spring such as pastel purple and aqua & sky blue hues. The great things about these colors it that you don't have to be a stylist to come up with a eye popping combination. Do not limit this season's broad color range to just dresses and accessories. be daring and bold by putting together a white blouse and pair of skinny jeans/ pants in hot pink much. If you have an afterwork affair to attend toss your normal purse and opt for a blue sequined clutch. Remember ladies, try and select your pieces carefully that way in a few more years once this trend makes a resurgence all you havew to do is dust these pieces off and when in doubt, mix and match.

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