Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Secret Undiscovered

I finally know where I want to die and be buried (well, not really). But I am thinking about revamping my upcoming vacation and instead of hitting the beaches I might opt for oriental. Well not full-blown, just in Tokyo at the Armani Ginza Spa. Which encompasses entire fifth floor of the eleven-floor Goirgio Armani Tower in the world-famous Ginza District on Tokyo's premier Showa-Dori Avenue (the city's equivalent of NYC's Fifth Ave or L.A.'s Rodeo Dr.) and it offers the perfect escape for those trying to leave behind the stress of urban dwelling and success. The spa compliments itself with gold and beige interior and incorporates Zen elements to complete the visual relaxation. Upon reviewing the spa's menu, you will see numerous options involving obsidian (volcanic rock said to have regenerative properties) that has been imported from the islands of Italy and crushed into powder. If you would like to go for the full services of this uber luxurious spa try the Armani Ceremony. You start off with a cup of green tea to soothe and help you relax. After that, your feet are soaked in obsidian that is hot and liquefied all while your assigned shiatsu master and therapist pinpoint where you have the most stress and tension. Finally, you're guided to the treatment area for three hours massages, exfoliation and re hydration to release that last bit of residual tension that still might be in your body. Only issue with this is that you can't bring everyone home with you. Nor can you bring the scenery or great shopping. For those people that don't want to indulge in the full ceremony can opt just for a simple massage and maybe go to dinner on the tenth floor of the building, maybe to floors one thru four to do some ultra chic shopping. Each floor specializes in a particular department of Armani.

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I Gotta Get Glasses!

Ok, I would ordinarily dread this but I get the chance to shop so......What's to dread? For only the second time in my life I am going to have to get glasses. I'm putting that lasik surgery off for at least 6 months. (Maybe my eyes will correct themselves!) In the mean time I'll just continue to take my supplements and wear my........it's hard to say......I'll wear my glasses. On to the shopping! (Actually, I feel so good about this so I'm gonna shop for sunglasses too!) The first selection is Armani's AX119. Their pink, chic, clean and they come in black too. Actually I had to visualize these with a transition lens. (A lens that changes with the light). They're sooo cute. They hold up pretty good. The next pair is by Miu Miu, Model 15DV. I think the tortoise shell looks pretty good. They have a bold modern look to them. This next pair is by Versace I didn't know whether to show you the purple, black or this orange. These are my "Going- out-cause-I-want-to glasses." They are sophisticated, yet modern. All of these glasses can be found at Gooptic, Glasses on the Web, and Frames Direct. I'd say this is a good start for me. I have many more frames pour through. I'm just getting started!

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Notes On A Sandal

It's almost summer and I don't know about the rest of the world but I happen to have a minor (well not minor) obsession with sandals. If I weren't in cold, wet, rainy weather, I would probably wear them year round. And as powerful women, we all know that there is nothing that makes us feel better than a feminine, sexy sandal (unless you have bad feet, then I don't know what to tell you). Upon shoe shopping I found dozens of shoes that I just couldn't wait to share with you guys.

(Shoe Descriptions got from left to right)

  • Stella McCartney- what more can I say, I L-O-V-E these shoes.
  • Chloe's Patent Leather Sandals remind you of the mod-squad. But they are ever so cute to me. Urban and funky.
  • Betsey Johnson fun, bright,playful and flirty. What can you say abut Betsey besides she's a genius. She's so much fun.
  • Prada Patent Flower Sandal- This shoe has some major artistry. It reminds you of those art projects that you used to do back in elementary school. Oh and of course it brings back that famous chunk heel.
  • L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani, these shoes are adorable and simple.
  • Prada
(Shoe's ordered from right to left, counter-clockwise)

1. Christian Louboutin's Zipper sandal says FIERCE! and if you f*** with me I'll mess you up!
2. Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Sandals- It's a continuation of the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute that became so popular last year (See sexy peep-toe that women killed for). This beautiful shoe has a 4 inch platform heel and it's reminiscent of a ancient Roman Sandal. This shoe comes in two colors, blue and tan. They are available on NeimanMarcus.com
3. Stuart Weitzman's Bogus Satin Platform. These beauties come in black or pink. Think Espidrille meets your favorite Louboutins. Available at Stuart Weitzman boutiques and Weitzman.com.
4. Guiseppe Zanotti's Jeweled Fish Sandal with a heel at three inches but enough bling to blind even the sharpest of visionaries and enough luxury to make you weep for St. Tropez. This strappy number is immaculate. Perfect for office event, or of course, you cant dress them down with your fave pair of skinny jeans.
5. Emilio Pucci Satin Twist Slingback- Pucci, known for his colorful print scarves has decided to turn his scarf into a shoe. This very cute ensemble is good to go, not to mention that is could go very well with several different outfits.
6. Gucci- Patent leather sandal that comes in two colors, glossy gold or stunning black. I picked these shoes because they just "SCREAM" sexy. You can wear these with a pair of jeans or with that cute little dress you plan on wearing to dinner.

My Umbrella

It's spring in my book and on my calendar. They say, "April Shower's Bring May flowers." True. True. So in the meantime I'm gonna need something to keep those showers off my head. Burberry's "Script Umbrella "is cute and functionally sound. The construction is pretty good too. Burberry is consistent when it comes to style and functionality. Burberry is available at Saks Fifth Avenue. European-Umbrella is my top pick. Their umbrella's come from Britain, Germany and Italy. They have their own line which is truly exquisite. All of them are hand constructed, and there are handles made of Mother-of-Pearl, Malacca Cane, Congo Chestnut, Maple, Ash, Canadian Maple and even the very rare Perlbamboo Handle. Their umbrellas are a true investment pieces. They are truly exquisite works of art. Very, and I mean very well constructed and sure to stand up to many-a-storm. I didn't even think I could get excited about an umbrella until I saw these! Hand's down-European-Umbrella is the place to get an umbrella that will stand the test of time. Definitely worth mentioning, is Louis Vuitton's "Arc en Ciel Umbrella" (pictured) and is actually worth the cost. This ones available at e-luxury. There's one named "Arc-en-Ciel Croisette" viewable at the website that you should see also. The things that are interesting to note about these umbrellas is that they have a wooden mast, natural cowhide handle, and a minimum of 93% UV protection. Of course well constructed. (Can't have my fashionista's out there gettin' wet) Oh, and their really cute! Not a bad investment at all.

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