Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fashion Meets Art in Nordstrom Spring 2008 Ads

For their Spring 2008 Ads, Nordstrom has teamed up with artist Ruben Toledo who painted 20-by-30 foot walls to serve as a backdrop for the models which were shot by fashion photographer Ruven Afanador. Toledo even painted ON the models for the campaign. The result is an artistic and stylish eye-candy. “It’s one thing to say that fashion and art go together and to show it by putting a model in an art gallery. We knew we didn’t want to do that and we knew Ruben’s artwork needed to be more than just a backdrop. Instead, what Ruben and Ruven came up with truly fused art and photography. The art became the environment–transcending the very idea of a backdrop. The result truly exceeded our expectations.” said Linda Finn, executive vice president of marketing at Nordstrom." I think it's a winner too!

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Bag Me Up Like Donatella

I love to travel and have a lot of fun in doing so, but yet I still have yet to find some luggage that I am just in love with. Then of course, I was painted envy green when I saw Donatella's luggage when she came into town last week to launch her Versace Men's lines at Barney's New York. I remember the time when I used to see pictures of her with bright pink luggage traveling from Paris to Milan and everywhere in between. Now her chosen shade has switched to purple. When speaking with the New York times Donatella said "it became tired... like black did," referring to her once favored pink Versace Luggage. Ms. Versace ushered in with roughly a dozen purple suitcases - one bag each for dresses, shoes and accessories- "All these people, they have a designer handbag, and I think: 'So what? You have Eastpak luggage.' Why should it get stolen." She said, while sipping tea in her grand suite at the Waldorf-Astoria.

I couldn't agree more, no person wants something that everyone else has. If you have an eye for something it would be the unique thing in the room. But I believe that Donatella is trying to say, if you go all out on your Gucci handbag, you should do the same for the luggage that you travel with. So ditch the nylon and polyester luggage for a brand new set of well made luxurious Italian leather bags. You'll love yourself for it and I think Donatella would too. I think instead of purple, I'll opt for a nice royal blue or sky blue. Oh and about that trim on your new luggage, “Don’t call it beige...” Ms. Versace says, call it “Blond.”

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Neiman Marcus RELAUNCHES Their Web Log Business

Neiman Marcus has relaunched their NM Insite blog. They decided to toss their hat into the web log {blog} business last year in late August. They relaunched the site late last week called NM Insite. The blog is dedicated to bringing it's readers the latest fashion news from around the world and within the legendary chain. {But if you noticed it's another way for the store to do shameless promotions} It focuses on clothing, up-and-coming fashion designers, legacy designers, home decorating, latest trends.

Categories Include:
As Seen In
Ask the Expert
Click Quick
Designer Q&A
Designer Zodiac
Eye Spy Great Buys
Fashion History
Fashion News
Fashion Quotes
From the Runway
Holiday Memories Contest
How To
NM Kids
NM's 100th Anniversary
Style Wrap-Up
This Day in Fashion History
Top Seller
Top Trends
Two of a Kind
We Asked, You Said
When & Wear With Ken Downing

Maybe you can go here and find something interesting. For instance what Tory Burch's favorite frozen treat is or the what next month's hot trend will be. Go to the site, see if you want to give it a try and come back, let us know what you think.

Can We Even Call Them Shoes?

Can we even call this Italian Designers shoes, shoes? Clearly they are works of Art. I probably can go on and on about these shoes because there are all so beautiful. This is perhaps one of Italy's best kept secrets. There are currently no US point of sales. All is not lost though, there is contact information listed on their website. Their Spring 2008 collection left me in awe. No doubt some of you will recognize their name right away and associate them with having a good product. The name Baldinini has been synonymous with quality shoes and designer bags for almost a century. Today, Baldinini S.p.A., through the direction and creative genius of Gimmi Baldinini, has become a leading Italian company, reaping significant success in an increasing number of international markets. Single-brand Baldinini stores are a perfect window into Italian Style in the world. The company’s collections - the refined and perfectly wrought expression of a complex and elegant style - arise out of expert craftsmanship and an exceptional artistic flair. In the unmistakable creations of Gimmi Baldinini, a hallmark of Italian fashion where art and design blend seamlessly to grow to be “dreams to wear”. They have lines that include fragrances, bags, eye wear, boots and jewelry. And get this their hand bag line is called "G-Bag." The shoes are what took my breath away. This kind of artistry is the kind that I gladly lay down my US Legal Tender for. You Have Got To See Them!

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