Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Biome-An Eco-Friendly Company

An excellent company is Biome. This company has all kinds of information on their website concerning the environment and our relationship to it. They have all sorts of neat little products too. Like 100% Cotton Sheets, Hemp Products, Bees Wax Candles, Natural Hair Care Products, Natural Skin Care, Natural Makeup, Bokashi and Compost, they even have the little Antique Kimono Zaishu (Stool) it features rare patterns from 16th century Edo period Japan.(pictured here) They have a section designed to educate you on everything Bio-Friendly. So when you get an opportunity go by their website and maybe even shop a little!

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It Doens't Have To Look Organic?

**Zooey and Love & Eight "Think Green Be Cool" Hoodie made of Bamboo and Cotton

It's one thing to change all of the light bulbs in the house to those really cute swirly ones that save a tons of energy {by changing one you can save $61 and 812lbs of CO2 emissions annually}, but when you start asking fashionistas and fashionisto's alike to start giving up their Marc Jacobs and Louboutins you're crossing into totally new territory. Sort of like asking the jock in the locker room to quit being a jock type territory. Which got me to thinking, all of the organic and eco-friendly clothing that I have seen in the past years makes me want to change everything in my house and refrigerator to eco-friendly just so I can keep my compulsive shopping habit at Neimans with their plethora of leather pumps, in-organically dyed dresses and pure baby-soft cotton. So I took upon the task of finding clothing that is not only stylish but sustainable and wearable. Because as we have seen, just because it's organic and sustainable doesn't necessarily means its wearable.

"Successful Living" From Diesel

Diesel, has launched a new home line called Successful Living from Diesel.
The collection, “Is built around a rock ‘n’ roll and casual living concept, which incorporates Diesel’s trademark style and attitude,” the press release says.
“All the iconic brand’s core values - its rebelliousness, irony and irreverence! - have been translated into a new textile collection characterized by innovative, creative design, yet timeless vintage appeal, combined with an ultra-modern and quirky twist.”
If they apply similar viral marketing tactics to their home collection as they have to their fashion campaigns, there’s no doubt the line will be a tremendous success.
The line was launched this week after an ultra hip party at Salone Del Mobile, the Diesel penthouse which overlooks Milan. The hotspot was decked out in ultra funky decor while simultaneously showcasing the fabulous new Successful Living collection.
After that event, the party moved to the ‘Special kubik Club,’ a “unique party project” (not just a party, it’s a project!) organized by Balestra Berlin, Modulorbeat and light designer Andreas Barthelmes.
“Plastic tanks, illuminated in different colours, moved in synch to music,” the press release says. “Full to capacity, the party saw guests mingling with Renzo Rosso - President and Founder of Diesel - with entertainment stars, the world’s fashionistas and top fashion press that included Pierre Casiraghi, Francesca Versace, Karim Rashid, Fabio Novembre and Elisabetta Canalis. Music was provided by DJ’s Stefano Fontana & Alex Gopher and was the perfect backdrop for an evening of stylish fun.”

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PSP Phone Hacks

Listen up all Bff's, Wives, and Significant others (you'll know before he does!).........Didn't we just know it would be just a matter of time? Nearly every loyal fan of the PSP would have heard about the rumours and even seen some of the concept photos of the highly anticipated PSP Phone Mobile. However hackers have gone overdrive beforehand and have developed a software which, once installed uses the inbuilt Wifi access of the PSP to allow you to make calls using online Voice over IP services such as Skype. The software code named “Furikup” (named after a geeky protocol joke according to the creators) will allow PSP Slim as well as the now so called PSP Fat users to call any other phone using Voip. Apart from phone calls the software will soon allow even video confrencing.
The software is pretty much available freely on the net… but I guess I am not allowed to tell where! Now of course, you know the drill, you can do a google search or more specifically type in phone software for Psp in "Ask," and it will take where you need to be.

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