Monday, March 10, 2008

Has The Bubble Burst?

L.A. Fashion Week is here and will be until March 14th (for those of you that are still trying to get tickets). So of course this is the perfect time to be a fashionista or socialite running around southern California because you just might run into one of your favorite celebrities, or not?!?! Apparently a lot of regulars such as, Sue Wong and Ed Hardy are not showing Fall 2008 at LAFW; even worse heavy hitter Kevan Hall pulled out just three days before the event began at Culver City's Smashbox Studio's this weekend. This has left a lot of the week up to celeb/designers like the Pussycat Dolls and Lauren Conrad ("LC" from Laguna Beach, The Hills), which are being compared to a trend rather than "serious and legitimate" designers. Wong, who has openly expressed her disdain towards the idea of celeb designers has said, "let's see whether she [LC] can survive and thrive. It takes so much dedication," she said. "You gotta really pay your dues to be a serious artist." (OUCH)

Hall, who outfitted Oscar-nominated actress Ruby Dee this year for the event, pulled out at the last minute said that his small staff and himself "are focusing on 5,000 sq ft renovation space" and that "there are more important things that a fashion show." Although he insisted that there was nothing personal and that his decision wasn't reflective of anyone else presenting lines this year (Sure it wasn't). His presence, or lack thereof, pointed out that Christian Audigier and his infamous Ed Hardy line is not present this year {but they will be having a two day party featuring his lines}. Allegedly he wanted a night spot and Hall had taken the last one and due to him pulling out so late Audigier just simply didn't have enough time to put a show together. Good news is that Robin Antin (founder of the Pussycat Dolls) will be closing out the week on March 14th debuting a lingerie line (as if we didn't see that one coming).

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