Friday, March 7, 2008

M.A.C. & Heatherette (The Day I Died and went to Heaven)

So here's the skinny, all of my close friends know that I have one weakness, one obsession that I will go broke to cure and that addiction is MAC Cosmetics. I'm not even going to mention the grand total of my addiction, lets just say there goes my Louboutins right there. Yet again, right after I have just recovered from Fafi, I hear there is a collaboration between fashion and beauty that transcends epic proportions and absolutely makes me swoon... I present to you, HEATHERETTE & MAC COSMETICS!!! Now of course this news broke during NYFW (New York Fashion Week) in February (which makes me a little late in telling you guys). So to make up to you all here's the skinny, every single item that will be featured in the collection:

The Heatherette for M.A.C. collection details are as follows:

  • Lipstick $14.50 USD
    Lollipop Loving (G) - Mid-tone coral w/ subtle green gold iridescence (LE)
    Fleshpot (S) - Light neutral beige (Repromote)
    Hollywood Nights (S) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
    Melrose Mood (AC) - pastel pink (LE)
  • Lipglass $14.50 USD
    Bonus Beat (F) - Sheer yellow beige w/ gold pearlized pigments (LE)
    Sock Hop (C) - Soft mid-tone coral (LE)
    Style Minx (F) - Fuchsia pink (LE)
    Starlet Kiss (F) - Pastel pink (LE)
  • Eye Trio (a 3 pan eyeshadow compact w/eyeshadows) $32.50USD
    Eye Trio 1
    Mood Ring (VP) - Pastel mint green (LE)
    Cloudburst (V) - True black w/subtle green pearlized pigments (Repromote from Blue Storm)
    Hoppin’ (F)- Pastel peach (LE)
    Eye Trio 2
    Baby Petals (S) - Pastel pink (LE)
    V.I.P. (V) - Mid-tone yellow pink LE)
    Cassette - Blackened eggplant - (LE)
  • Glitter $16.50 USD
    Reflects Gold - translucent glitter w/ gold reflection (Pro)
    3D Silver - Multi-reflective silver (Pro)
  • Pigment $19 USD
    Jardin Aires (F) - Gilded peach w/ silver reflection (LE - Repromote from Strange Hybrid)
    Pink Pearl - Mid-tone pink w/ blue reflection (Pro)
  • Beauty Powder $21 USD
    Alpha Girl - Pink with gold reflects
    Smooth Harmony - Medium deep bronze
  • Dual Edge Pencil (a pencil with 2 ends and 2 different colours) $16.50 USD
    Black Funk/Pop Blue - True black/turquoise w/ silver glitter (LE)
    Phone Me/Text Me - Charcoal grey/metallic silver w/ silver glitter (LE)
    Nighthawk/Front Row - Coffee brown/neutral peach w/ gold glitter (LE)
    Fab Orchid/Dash Lily - Jewel-tone purple/mid-tone lavender w/ silver glitter (LE)
  • Nail Lacquer $10 USD
    $$$ Yes - Metallic silver foil (frost) (editors note - pronounced Cash Yes)
    Lola Divine - Soft mid tone coral (creme)
    Lash Sets $11 USD
    She’s Good - Similar to #7 (patent finish)
    She’s Bad - Fishnet texture (patent finish)
***We would like to thank everyone at for the very detailed color info and for the photo images of Heatherette and MAC cosmetics.

However M.A.C./Heatherette lovers this haute-beau collabo will not be available online or in select retailers stores until March 27th. But that's ok, because that means that you still have time to go get the rest of the M.A.C. & FaFi collection before it's sold out.

***UPDATE: Heatherette & MAC collection will be available March 20th online and in stores.