Monday, March 10, 2008

Is It Time To Take Them Seriously?

Everything about this years fashion shows has said chic, feminine, romantic, artistic, floral, old Hollywood and glamour which led me to look at some urban lines to see if this trend ran true for them as well. Remember when Baby Phat tee's were worn at a fashion show in 1997 and then a year later evolved into it's own label; no one really took Kimora seriously and though that she had lost her mind. For the most part everyone felt that one tiny urban hip-hop label that celebrates flash, hip hop glamour and bling could never be taken seriously in the epic fashion world as a heavy weight. But something seems different this year with all of the urban hip hop labels... Although she has made it clear that items shown on the runway for NYFW 2008 were simply that, just for show is it time to take her a little more seriously? Kimora's fall 2008 line was filled with examples of old Hollywood glamour and 1920's sophisticate that stayed true to her color scheme of rich gold, black and deep purples. I saw these pictures and took note. However, maybe she should reconsider some of the items she's selling now and actually produce the items she put out on the runway. It might make her a little more successful in this industry.

In addition to that can we really call House of Dereon a force to be reckoned with. I have to agree with Sue Wong that there's an epidemic of celebutuantes turning into fashion designers. We have Jessica Simpson, Nicky Hilton, Lauren Conrad. The Pussycat Dolls and Beyonce. Her two clothing lines House of Dereon and Dereon were coined by the singer as synonymous with fashion, elegance and simplicity. However, first time I saw the line I dismissed it as a less flashy version of Baby Phat. I might be recanting my statement soon dependant upon whether or not she can keep up the good work. Although the pictures that are featured are from the House Of Dereon's line there is hope for the urban labels that so many people have counted out of the fashion game.

These sites are refreshing to me. They let me know that there is hope as far as urban fashion labels are concerned. Hopefully Kimora Lee Simmons and House of Dereon can continue to evolve as clothing lines and turn into true fashion houses. My only question is, who has what it takes? At the end of the day who do you have your money on to come out on top? Good luck ladies.

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