Monday, March 10, 2008

Jimmy Choo Launches Sunglass Line

Shhh... I see sunglasses...

I don't know how many women danced in the street when they found out that Jimmy Choo had launched a sunglass line but I sure did. For months I had sat and fantasized (well maybe not fantasized) that the sunglasses would look as fabulous and luxurious as the shoes that Choo produces each year and for the most part I was correct. I must say that I am in love with aviators. I love them in all sizes and all shapes. They make me smile on the inside, so of course my favorite of the line are the one single pair of avaiators. However, I have a couple of other picks from the new luxury line, which are the Choo Rock glasses and if you are going for a more Jackie O. look I would go for the Choo Open-Temple look. Ladies please be adivsed that if you want to go and grab a piece from this collection it will cost anywhere from $275-$430 per pair and they are available at select retail stores (Neiman Marcus, as always). I also too the time to put the entire collection below so you cah decide what pair you would like for yourself. Enjoy!

**We would like to thank Neiman Marcus for the images of Choo's new sunglass line.