Monday, April 28, 2008

Gone To The Dogs

I must admit I have turned into a proud parent these days. Considering that Hollywood celebs {and everyone else I know} have recently brought new meaning to the words "Baby Boom" I figured I should actually start showing some pride of my own. Sadly, I am not talking about the joy of carrying a child, rather that of getting a puppy. {I can hear the spinster comments coming} It took me months to figure out the type of dog I wanted to follow up my beloved toy poodle Tasha with and I finally settled on a Doberman. Now, the mother is pregnant and I can't wait for her to give birth to my baby. {ok, her baby but it will be mine soon} I've even gone to the lengths of trying to plan a puppy shower. {one that my friends have expressed they would not condone my insanity} I guess it's true then, my life really has gone to the dogs.