Thursday, March 13, 2008

Saving Face

What most people fail to realize is that make-up is just as much of a craze as the very clothing it helps showcase. And women, we love our faces, dont we. It's the one thing that we obsess about everyday of our lives. I have always been told that I have good skin and I want everyone else to have that same thing. So here are my basics for the flawless face with or without makeup, it's based on the Au Naturale trend this season:



  • Concealer, I normally don't use full concealer because it clogs your pores and leads to more breakouts. Rather if I spot a pimple I just put a dab of concelear on that area (MAC Studio Finish SPF 15 $24.50, it's really lightwieght so it doesnt cake)
  • Blott Powder, this doesnt add any color it just adds a sheer coating and helps prevent shine. If you're clear from breakouts you can just opt for this instead of concealer (MAC Blot Powder $24.50, in your respecitve shade)
  • Lip Gloss, dependant upon how I feel I opt for two types of lip gloss, lightweight or thick (MAC Lipglass in Sheer $12 or FUZE Lip Gloss in Two-Faced $18.50)