Friday, March 7, 2008

Where Did You Get That Hat???

Aaaahhhh Spring!!! I don't care what the calendar says, IT'S SPRING, and nobody is going to tell me it's not! For real.....all this snow, I'll be even more delirious than I already am if I just wait for it to stop snowing. Enough already! No more snow, EVER! It's early March so I say IT'S SPRING! Time to think flowers, and dresses, and hats. You know, Easter, the Kentucky Derby, and a Mint Julep. I remember when you weren't dressed until you had your hat and gloves on. That's how we went to church and that's how the Kentucky Derby's done too. If you ask me any excuse is a good excuse to wear a hat. We have to go to our secret sources to tell you where some of the WORLD'S BEST HAT'S are. Now for some people it's kind of hard to tell exactly what a particular hat is going to look like on unless you try it on. Most women I know who have been wearing hats for a while are experienced enough to buy a hat without ever trying it on. You can do it too, even if you've never worn a hat before in your life. Just visualize yourself in the hat in various different positions on your head. To the side, straight on, leaning to the rear, leaning to the front, etc. The more you try on hats the better you'll get at it. You know I want to show you more pictures but this is a blog so I'll just give you some sites: For the pink hat go to: For the black hat go to: For the purple hat go to: For the orange hat go to: Want more? Try: "Life is not measured by it's length but by it's depth." Lovin Life, Truthis