Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Back To Black

It seems like the fall collections of several designers are taking a cue from Amy Winehouse and are heading back to black. I can't help but wonder what has everyone so gloomy? It's as if were going to a state funeral. I understand that it's fall and things must come to an end but so much grey and black is unnerving [can we say baaa-oooring]. But ahh yet there is hope,

Herve Leger for Max Azria added an interesting twist of fate. Azria, who acquired the house in 1998 Leger (aka Leroux) has managed to mix his flair with that of the icon. In order to make this 80's trend stand in the new age, he added pearls, pockets of bead, snippets of embroidery, all to give a feel that a modern actress would love to wear to her big premiere. However, simplicity is always genius, amethyst and periwinkle colored bands seemed to work out best for this classic. Lacroix (someone who I'm not often a fan of) somehow has seen the light. He played with color and found a way to perfectly intertwine boring fall black with rich jewel tones and pre-fall hues like royal blue, purple and you even saw some bright pink thrown into the mix. I guess I can finally give Lacroix my thumbs up!!!
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