Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Dress Of The Day

Sorry for the delay lovelies,

For the most part majority of the fashionista's out there live in bustling urban metropolises, which led me to our dress of the day. I remember struggling often to find dual purpose, femininity and functionality in clothes that I wore around the office. I am absolutely in love with Diane von Furstenberg's two-toned creation (along with the rest of her collection). The dress is tattooed with multi-purpose functionality. You can wear it to work on a nice spring day, not to mention if you don't have time to run home to change before that date (yes, that one) later on in the evening you can dress this up with a beautifully coordinated clutch. The ensemble is a showstopper, it combines the perfect match of modernism with a hint of classic Hollywood. Of course, you can find this beautiful creation (with the rest of Furstenberg's spring line) at Neiman Marcus and it currently runs for about $398.