Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Fast Cars, Fast Phones?

Is there something I'm missing?...

Apparently Nokia has teamed up with world-renowed automaker Lamborghini to make a one of a kind sleek and stylish phone. Lamborghini, an italian automaker, has been known for their uber-luxurious fast cars that only the rich could afford for decades. The phone is highly reminiscent of the Apple iPhone with its touchscreen properties and steel shell. However here are a few of the specifics that we found; this is a "new" limited edition Nokia 8800 Sirocco phone that features a stainless steel casing that is etched with Lamborghini's charging bull logo as well as the words "Automobili Lamborghini". The Lamborghini branding doesn't end there, either. The phone also comes with Lambo wallpaper graphics, engine-inspired ringtones and a short video documentary about their cars. "Ball bearings crafted by Lamborghini have been used, allowing a sophisticated slide mechanism" according to the phones manufacturers (so what you're telling me is parts of my car are in my phone). I bet all of the techno-geeks out there are wondering "HOW MUCH DOES IT COST?" Well at the current time we have not tracked down a price, but we do know that Nokia will only produce 500 of these exclusive phones, which will be sold through selected Lamborghini dealerships. This could only mean that you have to buy a car to get the phone. So my fellow fashionista's if you have $150k just lying around, I guess you could "pony-up" for this ultra sleek phone. I can hardly wait for the next fashion phone... (right, gag)