Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Chanel La Collection Paris - Moscow




Didn't we know that there had to be more to come from Karl Lagerfeld's Chanel Paris Moscow Fashion Show. This offering is unique in color. Three rich, bold colors that really ask you to wear them. Glamorous Gold, beautiful blue, and a rich burgundy are all there for you to have at Chanel.com.

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Juicy Couture Does Barbie

You know that sound you make when you press down all of a sudden on your cars breaks? I think that's what I did when I discovered these too cute Barbie Dolls by Gela and Pam at Juicy Couture. The detail is painstakingly real a standard for any Barbie Doll. Look at the accessories on these dolls, I see earrings, a necklace, a bracelet, a faux fur jacket, and before I run out of room to tell you about it, I do believe that's the Classic Chanel Logo on those shoes. At any rate I want that dress that they are wearing!

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Lovin Life, Truth Is

Favorites Of The Day

Now I definitely could go for this. A basket full of all the candy I grew up with. Now I just have to find a room where me and my candy can be alone!

Barneys New York
"Retro Candy Bundle"
Available at Barneys

Santa baby! I've really been a good girl, So hurry down the chimney tonight! I mean like.......right now! Come on!

Yves Saint Laurent
"Ostrich Totem Bag In African Violet"
Available at Yves Saint Laurent

This dress is kinda cute with it's whipped stitched collar and hem. It's even got puffy sleeves and a nice little ruffle going on. Now that's what I call creative for a fitted sheath!

Karen Millen
"Bold Check Dress"
Available at Karen Millen

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