Friday, April 25, 2008

Typography Rugs - John Pour Home

Your front entrance helps largely to shape the first impression people get of your home, and your rug plays a role in what you reflect. To show you’re not just an average Joe, let your personality come out with one of these John Pour Home rugs. Instead of having a message printed on them, their shape is the message!
John Pour Home rugs come in shapes like a skull, dragon or flowers, or in words such as, “Make Yourself at Home,” “MiCasa SuCasa” and “Das Rug.”
The hip rugs are the creation of graphic designer/artist John Agelii whose background is in fashion advertising.
“Right now what I want to show you is how I plan to challenge the way we think of rugs,” Agelii says.
“These rugs are made of felt and communicate more directly to visitors and guests than ordinary rugs do. The use of typography and symbols let you create a dialog on the floor of your house. I see them as accessories or little gems to spice up the house.”
“Inspiration to the name John Pour Home is taken from the perfume world and I´ve simply removed an ‘m’ in Pour Homme.”
“Design and art need a twist. John Pour Home is my contribution.”

"To understand the magical nature of the mind is to acquire awesome power." ~Deepak Chopra

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