Thursday, March 27, 2008

Fashion Meets Art in Nordstrom Spring 2008 Ads

For their Spring 2008 Ads, Nordstrom has teamed up with artist Ruben Toledo who painted 20-by-30 foot walls to serve as a backdrop for the models which were shot by fashion photographer Ruven Afanador. Toledo even painted ON the models for the campaign. The result is an artistic and stylish eye-candy. “It’s one thing to say that fashion and art go together and to show it by putting a model in an art gallery. We knew we didn’t want to do that and we knew Ruben’s artwork needed to be more than just a backdrop. Instead, what Ruben and Ruven came up with truly fused art and photography. The art became the environment–transcending the very idea of a backdrop. The result truly exceeded our expectations.” said Linda Finn, executive vice president of marketing at Nordstrom." I think it's a winner too!

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EvaAmarri said...

Those ads are just amazing