Monday, July 14, 2008

Big Bags---Linea Pelle and 49 Square Miles

Lexie Loves Big Bags. I mean she has a passion for big bags that can not be quenched. She loves them in alligator, suede, leather, snakeskin, cloth, denim, I honestly think she would wear the right bag if it came made of paper! She is a doll, but she's a bear when it comes to her bags! Never mind the fact that she has soooo many, 1 more couldn't hurt. So here's to you Lexie (and everyone out there like her)...I found some nice BIG HANDBAGS(GI-NORMAS)....See if you like them too.

Linea Pelle/Sydney Large (Really Big) Tote

Linea Pelle/Dylan Patchwork Tote

49 Square Miles/Big Mouth Hobo

49 Square Miles/Basket Case Hobo

I'm quite sure some more "Big Bags" are out there to be found. If you know of some let us know, ok?

"Compassion is the basis of morality."---Arnold Schopenhauer


Always In Style said...

I love the second one - where to buy?

RubyE said...

I really like 49 Square Miles bags! Right now, I'm contemplating shelling out for the Winans Hobo, which is so pretty and would hold everything I haul around. I'm psyched that Ped Shoes has started carrying 49 Square Miles.